wonderwomanpremierecancelledImage: Warner Bros

Gal Gadot’s earnings as the lead role in Wonder Woman have been revealed, and it’s surprisingly low (for a superhero movie).

The Daily Dot reports Gadot earned USD $300,000 (just under AUD $400,000) to play Diana Prince. And while that is a lot of money, it’s small compared to what other actors have been paid for similar gigs.

Henry Cavill was paid US $14 million to play Superman in Man of Steel, while Chris Hemsworth earns between US $2 – 6 million to play Thor, according to industry publications. Those figures pale in comparison to what Robert Downey Jr took home for his role in Avengers: reportedly somewhere around the US $50 million mark.

Given the critical and box office success of Wonder Woman – it’s earned more than $570 million since its release –  here’s hoping Gadot has some kind of bonus clause in her contract. Because it’s never okay to underpay female actresses, but it seems especially unfair for a movie trading on the theme of female empowerment.