It seems like just yesterday that Gal Gadot announced her pregnancy after she appeared at the Golden Globes. Now overnight, the Wonder Woman star has welcomed her third child with husband Jaron Varsano. The news was shared to Instagram where Gadot and the family posed for an adorable selfie with the baby girl, named Daniella.

“My sweet family 🖐🏼I couldn’t be more grateful and happy (and tired 🤪) we are all so excited to welcome Daniella into our family,” Gadot wrote on social media. “I’m sending all of you love and health. GG.”

Varsano also shared the image to his account captioning the post, “And now we are ✋🏼So happy and grateful. My dear wife is a lioness!! So thankful and humbled by your powers.”

Varsano and Gadot have been married since 2008. They share two other daughters, Alma Versano, 9, and Maya Versano, 4.

The actress has opened up in the past about what she learned from her first two children. Speaking to Live With Kelly & Ryan, Gadot noted she is sticking to what she knows.

“With Alma, with our first, we completely messed up the whole sleep routine, and when Maya was born, we were like, ‘No more,'” Gadot said. “So Maya is, like, she can sleep through the night since she was five months. Alma—still at 9—sneaks into our bed, so I think that’s something we’re going to stick to doing. We’re going to sleep train her… I feel like this is the hardest part about parenthood, the lack of sleep.”

Speaking to Baby following the birth of her second child, Gadot also reflected on how nervous she was.

“I was very nervous as a young mother,” she told the publication. “With Maya, I’m able to enjoy it all much more. I’ve also seen that having a second child changes the dynamics of your family, and I have to make sure that Alma still gets a lot of love and attention from me even though I’m spending so much time with Maya. But Alma is curious, and she loves her little sister. It’s a beautiful time for our family.”

There seems to be no nerves here. Congratulations to the family!