Em Rata Blonde
Image credit: Instagram/@emrata

The other day, Em Rata sent the internet into a tailspin when she unveiled a new blonde hair colour. The move from her regular chocolatey brunette was done in partnership with Kérastase (of whom she is the face) taking her from rich and warm to a honeyed, almost dirty blonde with a subtle root shadow to match her dark brows. It seems to be the month for fresh hair hues, with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner going red and blonde and pink this week respectively as well.


It’s no secret that lifting the hair this dramatically can be damaging, not to mention bleached strands can be notoriously difficult to maintain – because colour is essentially stripped from the hair shaft during the lightening process, it can turn a brassy shade of yellow or gold over time, especially without TLC in the form of a quality shower regimen.

Rata isn’t immune to all of the above, so she’s shared an IGTV detailing her new hair care routine, specifically three products from Kérastase’s Blond Absolu violet range: The Ultra Violette Shampoo, Masque and Cicaplasm Serum. For the uninitiated, violet hair products act as toners for natural or bottle blonde and/or grey hair types because the cool purple pigment counteracts the warmth that builds up over time. Regular use will keep the hair fresh, creamy and bright.

The shampoo is designed for frequent use to maintain hair colour, whereas the masque offers a more targeted, obvious result. When explaining the masque, Rata says: “I’ve been using this [mask] every three days. You don’t need to use it everyday but if you have five minutes I think,’ why not throw it on’.”

The Cicaplasm Serum is a multi-hyphenate leave-in treatment and heat protectant, so use it on towel-dried hair before blow drying (or air drying, as Rata does).

See the video and shop the edit below. 


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