NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 15: Kylie Jenner departs the 2021 Parsons Award event on June 15, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

TikTok has been ablaze for months with speculation about Kylie Jenner – and no, not just in relation to her second pregnancy, which she officially announced earlier today –  but with the precise shade of blush that she uses to get her signature soft pink flush. While you might assume that the beauty mogul uses her own Kylie Cosmetics line of blushes, rumours abound on TikTok that Jenner’s longtime makeup artist Ariel Tejada actually uses a luxe Dior iteration.

Users on the platform insist that Tejada opts for the Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush ($64) when doing Jenner’s makeup. The rouge in question comes in two shades, Coral and Pink, with Tejada said to apply the latter to achieve that signature matte “babydoll glam” the pair are known for. The formula also isn’t your average, as it’s said to deliver a customised colour for every complexion.

This is thanks to the inclusion of what the brand dubs ‘Color Reviver technology’, which reacts to the skin’s moisture level upon application, resulting in a unique rosy effect on each individual’s cheek. Naturally, talk on TikTok about the Dior blush took off, with the hashtag #diorblush receiving more than 35.3 million views as makeup enthusiasts clamoured to get their hands on the product. After much fanfare for its purported natural finish, it subsequently sold out completely.

However despite Jenner’s endorsement creating a sold-out phenomenon, Tejada and Jenner recently denied ever using the Dior blush in a YouTube video. “It’s so funny, on TikTok everyone’s been posting… ‘This is the blush that Kylie uses,'” Jenner says, adding that while “it’s a really pretty blush” it’s not actually what she wears. “I’ve never used it or owned it.”


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“They said that I’ve said that [I use it] but I’ve never spoken about what blush I use, ever,” Tejada said, saying that they combined Kylie Cosmetics blush shades with eyeshadow to create Jenner’s favourite hue. “Me and Kylie have forever mixed colours to create the most perfect shade of pink. We would mix some of her original blushes with this pink eyeshadow to create a really pretty blue-pinky color.”

Jenner says that she eventually created the Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Blush Powder shade Winter Kissed ($29) to emulate the combination. But while it might offer a cheaper alternative to Dior’s version, TikTok certainly doesn’t seem to care, as users continue to rave about the adaptive formula.

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