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It’s no secret – we’re all obsessed with TikTok. From education and hilarious cultural takes to daily vlogs and viral styling tricks, it’s been a collective global godsend during social distancing restrictions – even major celebrities like Taylor Swift are joining the video platform. But if I had to pick my favourite corner of the app? It would be the makeup hacks.

The short video sharing nature of TikTok has made it so much easier to pick up tips from makeup pros and skilled beauty enthusiasts, including clever eyeliner hacks, DIY haircut tutorials and accessible how-to’s for all the latest beauty trends (many of which actually began on TikTok).

Now a new technique for flawless foundation – no, not Bella Hadid‘s favourite Jamsu trick – is taking TikTok by storm. But just like Hadid’s K-beauty hack, it involves water. Allow TikTok creator @milly__chan to explain in her video about her foundation routine, which has garnered more than 2 million views on the platform.


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Essentially, she recommends sheering out your base with ample amounts of water, strategically placed throughout the foundation process to amplify glow and minimise the tell-tale signs of makeup (caking, cracking, separation). Milly starts by prepping her skin with primer, before adding a few drops of foundation to a makeup mixing palette. Then she spritzes a small amount of setting spray, to “water down” the foundation.

Sounds counterproductive I know, but stick with me. Milly then mixes the setting spray with the foundation on the makeup palette, before spraying some onto her face and bouncing a makeup sponge through the mixture and applying it, being careful to “spread thin” the formula. She then follows the same process of mist and mix with her concealer, before going over her whole face with a clean makeup sponge to delicately push the product further into the skin.

Milly then adds powder only to certain areas – under eyes, on the forehead and chin – before using other powder products to “set the rest of the face”, including powder blush and highlighter, which Milly notes can help to reduce caking. She finishes with a final mist of setting spray to lock everything in place, and the result is true, unencumbered radiance.

Trying this one, stat.