There is nothing quite like a good love story – and when it’s made in quarantine it’s all the better; more time to get to know each other, more time to not dismiss one another, more time for stores, just more time.

Take for instance these two New Yorkers. Photographer Jeremy Cohen was sitting on his balcony in Brooklyn when he spotted a girl named Tori dancing in the distance. Usually a shy flirter, Jeremy sent a drone with his number across to Tori and invited her to dinner, one via video link. “Depending on how long this quarantine period lasts, I might be in a long distance relationship for a while,” he says. Take a peek at their story here:

According to GRAZIA’s resident psychologist Gemma Cribb, dating while in the era of social distancing is a good thing. “We can often be too quick to progress dating in the physical realm and that can cloud our judgement,” she says. “Getting to know someone via chatting online gives you more time to get a feel for who they really are. This may lead to more solid relationships and better relationship choices in the long term.”

But how exactly do you go about dating while self-isolating? For Jeremy and Tori, this involved getting creative – with the former arriving to one of their date in a plastic bubble ball. But fear not, you needn’t be that extreme.

“Compartmentalise dating,” suggests Cribb. “Do it at specific times and days, not all day every day.

“Be real and share, she continues. “There is nothing more boring than endless small talk so take note of what interests you or impresses you when your dates chat with you and get ideas for how you could also be a stimulating online date!”

Happy dating-at-a-distance!

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How to date a Quarantined Cutie, Part 3.

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