dakota johnson maude
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Dakota Johnson has long been privy to conversations concerning sexuality – her breakthrough role as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise centred on a BDSM relationship, after all – but the actress has now decided to cement her role in the sex-positive movement by announcing that she will serve as a Co-Creative Director and investor in sexual wellness brand Maude.

Writing on Instagram of her new endeavour, Johnson said, “Sexual wellness is a fundamental human right. Maude’s ethos is something I strongly support, and is symbiotic with my core beliefs surrounding sexual health.” Maude, which was initially founded by CEO Eva Goicochea in 2018, offers a line of stylish, discrete vibrators, organic condoms, vegan body massage candles and compostable personal care wipes.

dakota johnson maude

“The caliber and aesthetic of these products is excellent and elevated, and I love them,” Johnson continued. “I am truly delighted to come on board… to weave sustainability and awareness/education based initiatives into the fabric of the company, while delivering beautiful and quality sexual wellness products, accessible to all humans.”

Johnson’s involvement comes as the sexual wellness category continues to boom globally, with female founders using sleek design and progressive messaging to push the conversation around women’s sexual stigma to the forefront. Other emerging players in the space include Lindy Rama-Ellis‘ intimate offering Fig Femme and ThisWorks’ Love Sleep range, which features a ‘bedroom blend’ essential oil and ‘seduction’ candle.

dakota johnson maude

Brands are recognising that women want to purchase products for their personal pleasure that are every bit as Instagram-able as their skin and makeup products, hence the flurry of new entrants to the market offering everything from yoni eggs (goop) to lubricant (Necessaire).

“Sexual wellness is self-care. To me, taking care of your body in a sexual way should be the same as taking care of your body in terms of nutrients, skincare, exercise, etc. Sex is important and special, and should be treated as such,” Johnson said in an interview about the partnership. “For too long sexual health has been poorly marketed, hyper aggressive, and highly gendered… we create the opportunity to properly care for your sexual self, free of taboo.”