Credit: Instagram/@bellahadid

To many, there are few things as festive as a set of freshly-painted digits adorned with cheery holiday designs. As I sat at my regular nail salon last week I was struck by the sheer volume of requests at the stations surrounding mine for Christmas-themed nails.

From glitter carefully swirled on to resemble ornaments or dotted about to look like snow, to artfully-etched reindeers and trees, clearly the holiday season was able to summon the extremely extra festive spirit that apparently lurks within many of us.

Perhaps it’s our collective cosmetic reaction to the year we’ve had, where the pandemic left us starved of nail attention. Either way, it seems celebrities aren’t immune to it either, with the likes of Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner and Lily Allen all asking their nail technicians for a jolly set in recent weeks.

Credit: Instagram/@nailsbymh

Above we have Lipa’s starry set – created by London-based celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey – which fits perfectly with both the holiday vibe and Lipa’s Studio54-inspired performances. Humphrey also tends to the talons of Allen, who saw Humphrey recently to request this decidedly merry design, as pictured below.

Credit: Instagram/@nailsbymh

Jenner went the opposite way, choosing to channel The Grinch to promote her latest Kylie Cosmetics collection which was of course, a collaboration between the entrepreneur and the cheer-thieving Dr Seuss character.

Credit: Instagram/@kyliejenner

While I appreciate the looks, I’ve not been so inclined to try myself and it seems neither has Bella Hadid. The model shared her latest manicure on her Instagram earlier today, and there wasn’t a snowman or mistletoe in sight.

Credit: Instagram/@bellahadid

The supermodel opted for black nails with hot pink accents instead, some of which appear to feature negative space cut-outs at the centre of the nail plate. The modern design was created by New York nail artist Michina Koide and Hadid loved it so much she shared it to her Instagram Story.

So it seems whichever camp you fall in to in the run-up to the holidays, our favourite stars are serving up ample inspiration. Now when can we snag the next available appointment?