Image credit: Cardi B
Image credit: Cardi B

If I used the words “two eggs, avocado and a scoop of mayonnaise” together in a sentence, you would be fair to think I was talking about breakfast. But, it is in actual fact a DIY hair recipe courtesy of Cardi B, rapper, musician and the world’s most lauded beauty influencer.

Even for the most digitally social of butterflies (me) it’s admittedly hard to consume all the content existing on Instagram, but how this masterpiece existed for 72 hours without me knowing is beyond comprehension (my screen time report will back me up here). All I can do at this point is spread the good word, that is a recipe Cardi says will “keep that shit growing”.


The mask is relatively simple:

  • One avocado
  • A scoop of mayonnaise
  • NO RANCH (because “this ain’t a salad, lol)
  • Black castor oil
  • Rice water (water soaked in rice for 24 hours) but this part is for afterwards.

After whizzing the above in a blender, you then proceed to “slap that shit on your head”, wrapping up in a plastic bag (hers is from Ralph’s – the American version of IGA) and let it marinate (like chicken, obviously) before you shampoo and condition out. She finishes with the rice water mist, detangles and sets the entire thing with hot rollers and a heat lamp. Hilarities aside, it’s actually a mask full of essential fatty acids, so great for nourishing dry hair types, especially textured hair like Cardi’s.


Either way, a great treatment for the days you don’t want to match your wig to your Ferrari/Birkin bag. Beauty Queen Cardi, you’ve done it again.