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Come rain or shine, the forthcoming weekend brings with it not only the summer months but also the return of Sydney’s most irreverent wine event.

After the week that has been, it seems only appropriate that Wet Dreams should come again so soon after gracing The Dolphin Hotel with its inaugural event earlier this year. “Wet Dreams is great chance to see a snapshot of what’s going on with wines and beers across the country,” James Hird, wine director of the Icebergs Group and a linchpin of the event, tells GRAZIA.

This coming Sunday, some 50 producers and importers will take up residence at The Dolphin to ply their trade and, due to the resounding success of the inaugural event, the day has since been divided into two sessions – Wine Geeks and Wine Freaks – to allow tasters the space and time to engage with growers and importers one-on-one. From the merely curious to the studious oenophile, there is no shortage of avenues to explore over the course of the afternoon – an occupational hazard that not even Hird is immune form. “It’s really hard to select a few wines from the over 200 that will be on pour this Sunday,” Hird concedes. “With summer in mind, I would definitely take some time to check out Murdoch Hill, Jauma, Joshua Cooper Wines, Andrew Guard imports and NSW locals, Jilly. In saying that I wish I could just list all fifty producers that are coming along as everyone has such amazing wines on pour!”

As for how to best contend with the exhaustive offering on show at Wet Dreams, Hird advocates raising your glass in the direction of something new. “With 200 wines on pour, try something new [and] hit a up a grower you haven’t seen before,” he says. “It’s a great chance to really learn what’s happening around the country and beyond.”

When it comes to best practice on the (hopefully) balmy weekends to come thereafter, Hird is, as always, a vocal proponent of keeping things chilled no matter what you think you’ve been told (particularly when it comes to red wine). “This summer, put everything in the fridge chill it down then take it out 20 minutes before you want to drink it,” he says. “‘Cool wine and cold beers’ is my mantra for summer. When you find a wine you like, think about the region it’s from and ask how it’s made – it’s great way to work out your own favourites and understand the people and the places they come from.” What could be more nourishing than that?

Herewith, Hird shares with GRAZIA a small selection of the many highlights that will be on offer at Wet Dreams, all of which are also able to be purchased below.

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“First is Murdoch Hills ‘Three Pinots’, a blend of red and white pinots that I love chilling down – such a great all-rounder.”
Murdoch Hill, 2017 Ridley Pinot x Three, $36. Shop now

“Joshua Cooper’s ‘Wines Rose’ is one of the most exciting wines I have tried in years and his chardonnay is the kind of wine I wish was always in my fridge: fresh, bright and such a fantastic food wine.”
Joshua Cooper, 2016 Captains Creek Vineyard, $50. Shop now

“If you’re after something orange, try Owen Latta’s ‘Rattlesnake’, it’s the feel good hit of the summer – balanced and fresh, an absolute cracker.”
Latta Vino, 2017 Rattlesnake, $32. Shop now

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