Female hormonal health have historically been overlooked by the wellness category (and the world in general, if we’re being honest). But finally, brands are innovating and serving up proven period, peri-menopause and menopause supplements to afford women some relief for associated symptoms, from bloating and cramps to hot flushes and insomnia. Despite the destigmatisation of sexual wellness and mental health, periods and menopause haven’t really been touched by big brands or media, despite the fact that majority of women struggle in silence. What’s even more important is that a lot of these ‘symptoms’  – extreme cramping, mood swings, night sweats – aren’t actually ‘normal’. Women have just been dismissed for so long they’ve accepted them as such.

But back to the brands doing good things. From The Beauty Chef to just-launched Aussie wellness company TheFix, fortunately a handful of cutting-edge period and menopause supplements are making their way onto shelves. Explore some of the best below.


Welleco The Goddess Elixir, $60. SHOP NOW

What’s unique about this menopause supplement from Welleco is that it’s formulated to support women from the early stages of peri-menopause, well into post-menopause. Each vegan capsule contains red clover, chasteberry, Siberian ginseng, hops and magnesium to assist with sleep quality, mood stability and a general sense of wellbeing. Also, in a consumer study, 78% of women noticed a reduction in the intensity of hot flushes.

The Fix The xall, $45. shop now

There’s not a lot available to women who suffer from debilitating period pain and associated symptoms like bloating, cramps and breakouts. But The Fix is a new Australian brand hell-bent on changing that. Founded by sisters Kate Everitt and Julie Moulde, the ethos is top normalise periods while simultaneously affording women some relief (because while periods are normal, debilitating pain is not). There’s five TGA-apprived formulas in the range, and all champion natural but proven ingredients like Chasteberry, Turmeric, Saffron, Ashwaghanda and Zinc. You can pick and choose based on where you’re at in your cycle, or go for XALL, which is designed to target cramps, tension, stress, energy levels and general wellbeing.

JS HEalth hormone + pms support, $50. shop now

Founded by nutritionist Jessica Sepel, JSHealth has natural formulas that cover a myriad of modern day issues, from gut health to sleep and skin. Hormone + PMS support is a newer launch designed to assist with maintaining a regular cycle, as well as reduced PMS symptoms. Each capsule contains Chaste Berry, as well as ingredients historically used in Chinese medicine (Dong Quai and Peony). If you deal with an irregular cycle or severe PMS symptoms, it’s a good one to try.

The Beauty Chef Supergenes Menopausal Support, $69. SHOP NOW

Just in from The Beauty Chef is Supergenes, a range of targeted supplements for skin, gut and hormonal health. Menopausal Balance is specifically for women looking to relieve signs and symptoms such as hot flushes, lacking energy, sleeplessness, and high stress levels. Like JSHealth, the hero ingredient is Dong Quai, plus adaptogens like Schisandra, Sage, Hops and the brand’s signature GUT5Y-5 blend to nourish the the gut. It can also be taken during peri-menopause, which is essentially the transition period between having a menstrual cycle and menopause.