For Cher Horowitz, makeovers offer her “a sense of control in a world full of chaos.” It’s a sentiment that rings true, especially now as we stay at home, suspended in time somewhere between Netflix and Uber Eats. If exhausting your movie bucket list is up there on the list of priorities, a little cinematic beauty content might be just the brain massage you need. From Mia Thermopolis’ epic blow dry to Patrick Bateman’s ice pack and sit up A.M. routine, we’ve compiled the best in beauty, silver screen edition, below.

Vivian’s Bubble Bath: Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts as Vivian in the bath singing Prince is an isolation mood we can all relate to (unless you’re without a bath… sob at city apartment living).

Princess Mia’s Makeover: The Princess Diaries

“If Brooke Shields married Groucho Marx, that child would have your eyebrows,” said Paulo as he made over would be Princess of Genovia Mia Thermopolis. A cinematic beauty moment for the books.


Holly Golightly: Breakfast At Tiffany’s

There’s something meditative about watching Holly Golightly brush and fill her brows. And according to internet fodder, Revlon’s Pink in the Afternoon lipstick is the perfect dupe for the shade she’s wearing below.

Make Me A Woman: Mrs. Doubtfire

A movie makeup of grandiose proportions, anyone who grep up watching Robin Williams transform into doting nanny Mrs. Doubtfire had a great childhood indeed. A bonus mention to the cake face mask scene – a rumoured improv from the cinematic genius that is Williams.

Patrick Bateman’s Morning Routine: American Psycho

Part finance bro, part psychopath Patrick Bateman has a more comprehensive skincare routine than most. While his level of daily exfoliation is enough to make any derm wince, we can’t argue with that glassy complexion. *Googles herb mint face mask*

Tai’s Makeover: Clueless

When we aren’t looking at Dion’s incredible braids (not polyester for those in the back… ahem, Micheal), we’re looking at Tai’s henna rinse, Coca Cola hair rollers and thick cherry gloss. 90s beauty heaven.


Jenna Rink’s Night Out: Suddenly 30

The fuchsia lipstick, sticky gloss, mint green eyeshadow, bubblegum blush… there’s a lot to love about Jenna Rink’s getting ready montage. As Richard so eloquently put it, “Barbie meets Brittney!”

Bubble bath of dreams: Scarface

Tony Montana soaking in a bubble bath (flanked by cream carpet – shudder) while Elvira Hancock paints her nails (among other things) is bougie, frivolous and wonderfully over the top.

Alexia Wheaton’s Frosted Lipstick: Wish Upon A Star

Everyone has a childhood hero, and mine was Alexia Wheaton. She made getting ready for school look like getting ready for the Met Gala. The tiny purple outfit and frosted lipstick were the stuff of pre-teen dreams. The only gripe? Who shaves their legs outside of the shower?

Claire’s Lipstick: The Breakfast Club

Claire applying lipstick using her cleavage is the perfect detention boredom killer slash party trick.