Just ask OG fashion blogger-turned-designer muse Chiara Ferragni.

Or reality television-TV-turned-GRAZIA-Australia-cover-girl Olivia Palermo.

Both are style icons and die-hard watch aficionados, rarely spotted without a statement timepiece on their wrist regardless of being off-duty or on-show – and if the number of different watches they’re spotted in’s any indication, both have a buffet of styles on offer to fuel past, present and future watch obsessions.

Think about it: you wouldn’t wear the same shoes day in, day out across a spectrum of occasions, would you? Life’s simply too short to limit yourself to just one statement watch.

Chiara Ferragni (aka the world’s biggest fashion blogger) and Italian rapper husband Fedez are both watch aficionados. (Credit: Getty Images)

Which brings us back to the question: are watches jewellery?

In short, the answer is yes, of course they are, and as such, you can swap, chop, style and change them up in a host of different ways to suit the fashion du jour. The trick is to match the watch style to your look and mood in the same way a fashion week street style star would.

We’ve all heard of shoe-lovers dressing from the feet up. How about savvy watch stars styling from the wrist up? After all, we’re pretty sure Chiara would.

To make things simple, we asked GRAZIA Australia’s resident wardrobe expert, in-house stylist and fashion office manager Patrick Zaczkiewicz for his best ‘watches as jewellery’ tips, then teamed each with an affordable luxury watch from Swarovski to demonstrate.

9 key women’s fashion watch styles and how to wear them

1. The classic timepiece

BEST FOR: “Wearing around town and Sunday morning walks to the beach,” says Zaczkiewicz.

WEAR WITH: “A white lace dress.”

STYLIST TIP: “Let this classic timepiece influence your style for the day, creams and tonal colours will look best in long fluid dresses to feel the sand between your toes.”


Swarovski dreamy watch, leather strap, yellow, gold tone, $449.

2. The coloured face

BEST FOR: “Working lunches,” says Zaczkiewicz.

WEAR WITH: “A tailored suit and beautifully structured blouse.”

STYLIST TIP: “The metal bracelet on this watch is a strong and classic statement, coordinate the coloured face with a piece of your ensemble, whether it be a crisp blue shirt or pale blouse.”


Swarovski Alegria watch, metal bracelet, blue, silver tone, $499. 

3. The bedazzled bezel

BEST FOR: “Cosmos with the girls,” says Zaczkiewicz.

WEAR WITH: “Long sleeve satin dress in delicious berry colours.”

STYLIST TIP: “Style this watch on top of your sleeve, it’s a beautiful alternative to a cuff, you don’t want to be hiding this watch.”

Charlotte Groeneveld demonstrates the ‘over sleeve’ look outside Ellery show at Paris Fashion Week. (Credit: Getty Images)


Swarovski Crystalline Hours Watch, Leather Strap, Red, Rose Gold Tone, $549.

4. The oversized VIBE

BEST FOR: “More relaxed occasions,” says Zaczkiewicz.

WEAR WITH: “Denim and other utility looks.”

STYLIST TIP: “Your watch is doing all the talking, especially in this oversized style, bring all the attention to it by bringing the urban cool of double denim.”

GRAZIA Australia cover girl Olivia Palermo going big in New York. (Credit: Getty Images)


Swarovski Octea Lux Watch, Leather Strap, Blue, Rose Gold tone, $599.

5. The dainty one

BEST FOR: “Afternoon tea,” says Zaczkiewicz.

WEAR WITH: “Blush and muted pale tones.”

STYLIST TIP: “The perfect watch for your inner lady. Incorporate beautiful silks and pearl or crystal embellishments in your accessories to make you really feel like you’re having tea with Queen.”

Model Ameline Valade wears a Jill Sander coat, Hermes bag and skirt and a dainty watch to match at Paris Fashion Week. (Credit: Getty Images)


Swarovski Aila Dressy Mini Watch, Leather Strap, Pink, Champagne Gold Tone, $449.

6. The bold gold

BEST FOR: “Brunch with the family,” says Zaczkiewicz.

WEAR WITH: “Your best linens.”

STYLIST TIP: “Linen shirting and dresses in whites and pale tones will compliment the gold of this bracelet wonderfully, a beautiful touch coming into the warmer season.”

Russian stylist and model Yana Motina rocking bold gold. (Credit: Getty Images)


Swarovski Era journey watch, metal bracelet, grey, rose gold tone, $749.

7. The linked bracelet

BEST FOR: “Date night or an anniversary dinner,” says Zaczkiewicz.

WEAR WITH: “A backless cocktail gown.”

STYLIST TIP: “This piece is a true statement piece of jewellery. Pair this stacked with other bracelets, you’ll be dripping in crystals, as you should be.”

Chain-link watches are ideal for layering with bangles, bracelets and cuffs. (Credit: Getty Images)


Swarovski Stella Watch, Metal Bracelet, White, Silver Tone, $499.

8. The solid cuff

BEST FOR: “After-work drinks,” says Zaczkiewicz.

WEAR WITH: “A white cuffed shirt and pleated silver skirt.”

STYLIST TIP: “Take inspiration from the crystals in the face and bring a little glitter and shine into another piece of your outfit, whether it be a silver skirt or a glittery Miu Miu heel.”


Crystalline Pure Watch, Metal Bracelet, White, Silver tone, $499.

9. The all-black

BEST FOR: “Running everyday errands,” says Zaczkiewicz.

WEAR WITH: “A fine-ribbed singlet, tailored trouser, and sandal.”

STYLIST TIP: “Keep it minimal and chic with this type of timepiece – this is your everyday arm candy. An all-black watch can be effortlessly styled with your basics and your Celine sunglasses of course.”


Swarovski Cosmic Rock Watch, Metal Bracelet, Black, Black Tone, $499.

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