This year’s edition of The Innovator’s saw a talented line-up of young creatives showcasing their collections in front of Australia’s biggest, fashion industry icons.

The eclectic mix of budding fashion designs enjoyed the career opportunity of a life time today, one that most Australian designers can only dream of – a debut at MBFWA. Their fresh perspectives brought new concepts and youthful styles to life on the runway, which embodied the innovative nature of the show’s theme.

Here’s a snapshot of each up-and-comer’s collection and an exclusive chat with Jessica Kite, the designer behind Shroud.

GILLIAN GARDE – Pink, peach and earthy neutrals reigned supreme at this budding designers showcase. The wares had a strong focus on delicate and balanced silhouettes, with oversized ruffles and texture contrasting the more fitted pieces. It appears this season continues to be all about the sheer look with the trend appearing in the show.

Gillian Garde Resort 2019
Credit: Image Net

MATRAI – This label’s designer was all about the cool-toned, multi-dimensional look for her fashion week debut. The show skilfully used structural elements complimented by the shows cool-toned palette to ensure it maintained a chic and sophisticated appeal, while still incorporating unique designs.

MATRAI Resort 2019
Credit: Image Net

WHITEHART – Retro music set the scene for this collection, which saw old Hollywood meet high-fashion leisure. The designer behind WHITEHART showcased luxe coats trimmed with faux fur, pearl tassels, as well as a one particularly eye-catching olive-green jacket, embellished with an embroidered emblem on the back. Dusty-pink jacquard slips, pearl-covered tops and split-leg tracksuits were also among the designs featured on the runway.

WHITEHART Resort 2019
Credit: Image Net

ODD – You would be forgiven if you thought this collection was inspired by the Mad-Hatter from Alice in Wonderland given the electric shades of purple, yellow and green that were transformed into fashion week worthy looks. Extravagant Victorian-era coats and never-ending embroidery were a designer favourite from ODD.

ODD Resort 2019
Credit: Image Net 

SHROUD – The collection created by 22-year-old designer Jessica Kite was inspired by “the warped reality of the coco meets hip-hop evolution [in the] early ‘70s, ‘80s,” she excitedly shared with GRAZIA after the show. Her collection was a high fashion take on classic hip-hop staples such as the puffer jackets and jeans. Kite also focused on contrasting her pieces “by putting really constricted elements with really voluminous elements”. This concept was made a fashionable reality with fabrics such as wool, latex and satin being used to create the accolade-winning wares.

Shroud Resort 2019
Credit: Image Net

ZRD – Tactile designs were key in this collection. Think; fur, sequins and tassels to let your hands feel. The runway resembled a lolly buffet when the candy coloured clothes were showcased, appearing in raspberry, apple and blueberry shades. It was a colourful and uniquely styled collection that layered prints in an out-of-the-ordinary way.

ZRD Resort 2019
Credit: Image Net 

ZELLA MAY – Raunchy and risqué: two words to describe this designers range. Definitely targeted toward the less conservative, this collection had an underlying theme of vulnerability and intimacy, expressed through the illustration of explicit imagery. The new fashion designer took a risk with this range and it evidently paid off since she secured her place one of the final eight designers for this show.

Zella May Resort 2019
Credit: Image Net

DANNA LOCK – Red and black with a dash of  Chinese roots would best describe this Asian-gangster collection. Leather, vinyl and mesh dominated the runway, constructed in to edgy, cut-out designs. The designer completed the wares with an artfully distressed, incomplete look that helped elevate it to MBFWA standards.

Dana Lock Resort 2019
Credit: Image Net