At Leo & Lin, it was as if the girls had taken a lesson in deportment. Refined and polished, the models cut a feminine figure on the runway; swathed in tulle, frill and sateen, it was gloriously girly, to say the least.

It was also slightly galactic in tone, with star and moon motifs punctuating both design and the space which it was being showcased in. But it was almost as if prior to a trip to the moon, the models had stopped off at the Riviera. There was a distinctly European feel, compounded by the hair look.

Delicate, powdery blue and mauve silk scarves were tied around model’s faces, hanging loose at the nape of the neck, whilst the hair itself was a nostalgic nod to the ’60s. Featuring a low part, hair was dried smooth with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and swept away from the face, pulled into a low, knotted bun. A modern take on the chignon, slightly imperfect with natural tuffs spurting from the twist.

Perfectly pretty with a dry, dusty finish; bookmark this for your next summer vacation.