As the next influx of upcoming Australian designers marched down the runway at the St. George NextGen show – four designers with their own distinct design aesthetic and creative message – there was one major aspect of uniformity among the models: grungy, slicked-back hair with a quiff even David Bowie would be proud of.

While the initial hair brief referenced sleek, clean, natural hair; a more unique, edgier look was articulated backstage. It was sculptural in parts, shaped away from the face and upwards with height; there was texture, definition, and lots and lots of volume, achieved using the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, which doesn’t expose hair to extreme heat, was first used to create smooth and sleek hair, and then by adding on the diffuser attachment, natural, cool-girl texture ensues. The perfect attachment to boost height and definition while reducing any frizz and evenly distributing waves, it’s currently the must-have tool of super stylists alike – and the secret weapon of this supremely cool hair hair.

A little rock, a little roll and a whole lot of fun – this is a hairstyle for the girls who like to play.