Zendaya Malcolm & Marie Dress

The concept of Netflix’s Malcolm & Marie was quite ironic given filming took place during a pandemic. The storyline is based on one couple’s single argument, shot in black-and-white in one location, and with as little as three basic costume changes. Despite criticism surrounding the characters portrayed by John David Washington and Zendaya, stylist Law Roach was praised for his delicate use of clothing.

Zendaya spends much of the film walking throughout the house in a slim, glitzy gown. Viewers hoping to get their hands on the silver number were initially disappointed to find out that it was one-of-a-kind.

But after so many requests for the dress to be made available to the public, designer Jason Rembert and luxury label Aliette have made the ‘Zee Dress’ available for pre-order.

Speaking to ELLE on the garment, Roach said, “The dress is custom. I worked with Jason Rembert from Aliette, a fellow stylist and great friend. Sam and I went back and forth. It was so organic. He said he wanted us to create a dress that was timeless. That, when people watch this movie 20 years from now, the dress will still be relevant and beautiful. He really wanted to create an iconic piece of fashion….”

But of course a dress designed specifically for Zendaya is going to cost a pretty penny. It will set you back $1200 and while red carpet events and lavish soirees are all but a dream in the pandemic world, this piece will surely be treasured for decades to come. Just as it was intended.

“I think Marie is a fashion girl,” says Roach. “I think Marie also knows she’s beautiful. Marie is very, very, very strong-minded and opinionated. When it comes to fashion, she knows exactly what she wants. She knows how she wants to look.”

Shop the dress below.

Aliétte NY Zee Dress,  $1,200. SHOP NOW