Louis Vuitton California Dream
Credit: Dané Stojanovic

California. A city that’s inspired countless works of art – music, architecture, design, novels. It’s a city that’s old and new, a dynamic mix of bygone eras and futuristic thinking. For Louis Vuitton Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, it was the resonance of a California sunset that struck a chord when it came to crafting the brand’s latest olfactory offering. Those long, languid last rays that stretch on and on and on… until darkness, the warm strokes of orange and plum and pink slipping behind the Hollywood Hills or melting into a golden Malibu sea. It’s a warmth that lingers well into the night, that lends itself to bare limbs and that inimitable California glow. 365 days touched by light… the Golden State, indeed.

For Cavallier Belletrud, Vuitton’s California Dream eau de parfum had to have freshness tempered by warmth. For that reason, it starts with mandarin – a bright, ardent citrus that feels so fresh it almost vibrates inside the glass vessel. Ambrette – musky, sweet, rich – adds depth in a way that’s not overbearing, while delicate vanilla-laced benzoin gives it a slightly gritty, mineral finish. Overall, it’s multifaceted – much like the city itself, rich in lightness and depth and interest and appeal. We can’t currently live the California dream, but at least for now, we can smell like it.

The fragrance itself comes housed in a refillable blue and pink glass flacon, in both 100ml and 200ml varieties.


Louis Vuitton California Dream

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