Written in partnership with S99.

Conventional education has made us believe that the only way we can achieve success is by getting a 9 to 5 job. This perception has successfully worked for many people and made them think they are living the life of their dreams. But with the recent changes brought about by technological evolution, the dynamics of conventional education have changed—and not only traditional education but also conventional jobs. Jet Van Wijk is an entrepreneur and business coach who has brought a new perspective to online learning and freelancing and believes it is one of the most incredible ways to achieve financial freedom.

Jet is a digital marketing expert with nearly a decade of experience in the digital marketing sector. She believes there are so many opportunities for people to use their laptops to make money right from the comfort of their homes, or anywhere in the world, in fact. Jet acquired financial freedom when she ventured into the online field and realized how easy it is to make money without followers. To help others discover their passion and enjoy financial freedom, Jet founded a digital marketing agency and created online courses, allowing many to escape the 9–5 grind.

As a digital marketing specialist, Jet feels online courses and programs are more effective than conventional learning. She doesn’t deny the importance of traditional education but believes it’s about the career you want to venture into. She says formal jobs, such as surgeons and lawyers, require a conventional education as much of this research and data stays the same. But in the entrepreneurial world, times are constantly changing, and what worked for businesses 8 years ago might not be the solution today.

According to Jet, entrepreneurship is all about collaboration, and this is something conventional education does not apply. She says getting a traditional education equips you with knowledge, not how to use it. “We have many people in my program who already have a master’s in marketing but still didn’t know how to acquire clients or anything around the recent strategies in marketing,” shares Jet. Entrepreneurship is about having hands-on experience and doing business out of it. Jet affirms that you can only succeed in the business industry if you walk the journey with people who have reached where you dream of being.

Jet is a transformational and iconic figure in the industry helping people establish themselves online. As a coach, she has created a group coaching program called the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program. The program teaches people how to become high-ticket freelancers, develop digital skills, market their services, land clients, and give them wings to scale as much as they want. Additionally, Jet believes in the importance of mentors in the entrepreneurship field. Mentorship is an excellent asset as you get to learn from someone who is where you want to be with a proven roadmap, which is something conventional education does not offer.

A conventional college degree has turned us into employees, neglecting our passions in life. Online learning involves the desire to become your own person, fulfill your purpose, and derive happiness from what you do. Jet says this should be everyone’s ultimate goal in life. “Being financially free will give you freedom and many benefits. So focus on what fires up your soul and makes you so extremely happy,” she adds.

Jet is confident about her ability to help others achieve success through her online program. Her ultimate goal is to inspire people worldwide to escape the 9–5 matrix and follow their purpose. “It makes me happy to see my community succeed regardless of their background or situation,” Jet says.