Kendall Jenner Blush Placement
Image via Instagram, @maryphillips

Blush placement is confusing. Many of us would have grown up being told that color should be applied to the fleshy “apple” of the cheeks for a natural finish, but in reality, it’s not that straightforward

One authority on the matter is makeup artist Mary Phillips (who really is the TikTok gift that keeps on giving). She’s the woman behind faces like those belonging Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and Camila Morrone, and known as for her natural but glamorous looks (think subtle wings, pillowy lips and softly-sculpted skin). As of late she’s been dropping beauty pearls of wisdom all over TikTok, and fortunately today’s topic of choice was blush placement (so us mere mortals can emulate Mrs Bieber’s cherubic glow).


got tons of blush placement requests so here you go!!! i’ll try to answer all your questions in the comments ♥️ products written on the video blushhack blushtutorial makeupartistcheck makeuptok maryphillips

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Phillips’ technique is to start with a cream formula is a warmer bronze shade (she’s using Nudestix Matte Face Color Stick in Sunkissed, a color she co-developed with the brand), and shade the underside of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the outer areas of the face. By doing this, she adds warmth and subtle definition, building up the foundations for that clean-girl, slightly-sunburned finish.

She then adds a brighter hue on top (specifically the Kylie Cosmetics Glow Balm cream formulation), working it onto the high point of the cheek for a youthful burst of freshness.

See some of her best work (using said blush placement technique) right here.

It seems Phillips’ preference is to use a cream for blendability and a luminous effect on the skin, but you could follow the same steps with powder.

Unfortunately for us, the Kylie Cosmetics Glow Balms aren’t for sale in Australia, but Phillips’ Nudestix hue is. We’ve included a link – plus Kylie Cosmetics powder, and a cream-based dupe – below.

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