Vanessa Hudgens is a woman of many talents, but one thing she rarely experiments with is her hair.

Known as one of Hollywood’s most iconic brunettes, followers were shocked to see that overnight, she’d seemingly gone platinum blonde. Hudgens shared the look on Instagram, captioning the post with the phrase, “Who even is she.” Her signature chocolate curls were gone – along with her brows – and instead the actress showed off ice blonde hair and bleached arches, rendering her almost unrecognizable.

Fans were quick to point out the Spring Breakers star looked freakishly similar to Lady Gaga, especially because of the black patent leather and gold chokers she’s wearing in the photo.

Hudgens isn’t the first celeb to reinvent themselves as a blonde (we see you, Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande), but we’re guessing – based on the roots and just how perfectly it’s sitting – this is actually just a wig. The brows could also technically be the work of makeup sorcery, but it’s much less of a commitment to bleach your brows than your entire head. Whether for a job or a delayed post off the back of Halloween (a holiday of which Hudgens is the internet’s unofficial queen), we think she looks phenomenal.

Hudgen’s has been laying low for the past few months work-wise, but she has been promoting her brand Caliwater, a hydrating drink that’s actually extracted from cacti. She is also the founder of Know Beauty, a skincare brand that’s been quiet o social media since July. Based on her Instagram, Hudgens is also behind Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits, a soon-to-launch alcohol brand.