In a world full of turmoil and uncertainty, it can be challenging to believe in yourself and achieve greatness. However, Rekanize, a fashion brand founded by Althea Robotham, encourages individuals to unleash their inner wolf and tap into their full potential. Rekanize believes every person has an inner strength waiting to be unleashed, and their fashion helps bring out that belief and confidence.

With their slogan, “Rekanize your truth”, the brand aims to remind people that they can achieve their goals and bring their dreams to fruition. The wolf in their logo serves as a symbol of power and resilience, reflecting the inner strength of every individual.

Born in Brooklyn, Rekanize infuses the NY grit and grind into each thread of its products. Their fashion has been featured in several publications, including Voyage LA, The Village Voice, NBC, Boston Herald, NY Style, and Glamorous News. The brand is also in talks to collaborate with talented individuals and produce their products on 3D characters for the metaverse environment.

Rekanize founder, Althea Robotham, emphasizes the importance of treating your goals as if they are life-and-death situations. She believes you will never achieve your goals if you settle for less. But on the other hand, if you treat your goals like your life depended on it, you will always achieve them, because it would mean your survival.

Althea also recommends programming your mind like a robot. Once programmed, a robot will only do what it has been designed to do and stop at nothing until the task is complete. Establish and program your goals into your brain, save and lock them into place, and ensure nothing else matters until you meet them.

Rekanize has seen the positive impact their fashion has on people’s emotions. By feeling empowered, individuals walk and talk with freedom and confidence. The brand aims to increase this impact and uplift people’s power, confidence, and self-reliance.

The future of Rekanize looks busy and game-changing, with plans to collaborate with various individuals and companies in the metaverse. In addition, the brand will produce 3D wolf statuette collections and work on jackets, more footwear, and new products. The excitement level is infinite.

But building a successful brand is never easy, and Rekanize has faced its fair share of challenges. Finding the right people and companies to work with can be daunting, and sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust. As a result, Althea and her team have had to pivot and adapt many times to ensure they stay true to their vision and deliver the products and experiences their customers expect.

Despite the challenges, Rekanize is determined to keep pushing forward and creating new and innovative products that inspire and empower people. The future looks bright and exciting for this dynamic fashion brand, and they’re committed to continuing their mission of helping people unleash their inner wolves.

Rekanize is more than just a fashion brand. It is a reminder that everyone has an inner strength waiting to be unleashed. You can achieve your goals and bring your dreams to fruition by unleashing your inner wolf. Rekanize encourages individuals to connect with their inner strength, positivity, and relentlessness to achieve greatness.