Yellow, Tiffany & CO.
Tiffany & Co Rodeo Drive Yellow Pop Up

May 26, 2021: Last month, for April Fools Day, Tiffany and Co. shared a curious photo to its Instagram account: a yellow jewelry box with the caption, “Introducing our new house color.” Some fans of the luxury American jewelry company quickly denounced the post as a joke, while others supported the unexpected color swap. The 184-year-old jewelry brand followed up that initial announcement with another of its signature blue jewelry boxes, captioned, “Just kidding.” Well, jokes on us (again), because as it turns out, canary yellow Tiffany stores are coming. As random as it is, we can’t deny that the mood-boosting color seems fitting in the wake of last year.

If you’re a fan of the company’s timeless robin egg blue color, don’t spiral into a frenzy just yet! Tiffany & Co. isn’t bidding farewell to its signature color entirely but introducing the yellow theme for a series of pop-ups, a concept they hope to implement globally pending COVID-19 restrictions. Using the viral April Fool’s moment to continue the conversation around the brand, this past weekend, the brand transformed its Rodeo Drive location in Los Angeles into a pop-up complete with yellow furniture, yellow fixtures, and even a yellow branded shopping bag. Perhaps the most exciting part of the event (other than the yellow diamond installation, of course) was the yellow-themed treats onsite. The brand exchanged its champagne offering for ginger turmeric lattes, lemon soda, and honeycomb ice cream.

Tiffany & Co. closed its Fifth Avenue flagship just before the global pandemic for renovations, so we can only assume the concept is a post-pandemic approach to get shoppers back out to physical storefront locations. They were right on the money—what better way to do so than an Instagrammable photo moment? Although the canary yellow Tiffany’s store will be around for a limited time, it’s exciting to see the brand take innovative steps to stay exciting and hold its place as one of the world’s most renowned jewelers. One flight to L.A., please!