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Princess Diana had a masterful way of using clothes to make discreet public statements. As depicted in The Crown’s fourth season, the young princess often felt voiceless within the confines of the royal household—and clothes became a kind of coded language by which she communicated with her adoring fans. Exhibit A? The infamous ‘black sheep’ sweater she wore to many a polo match with Prince Charles in the 80s and 90s.

Back then, when the public still thought Charles and Diana were very much a young couple in love, few would have read further into Diana’s choice of outerwear. Later on, however, it came to be viewed as a cheeky nod from Diana about how she viewed herself within the royal family—the odd one out. The sweaters’ cultural significance is so great, in fact, that it now sits in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s permanent collection in London.

The Crown
Image: The Crown/Netflix

The original design was created in the late 70s by the British knitwear brand Warm & Wonderful, who stopped producing the ‘black sheep’ style back in 1994. Now—to celebrate the renewed interest in the sweater—(Emma Corrin wears it in the third episode of The Crown‘s fourth season), Warm & Wonderful has reissued the design in collaboration with the American knitwear brand Rowing Blazers.

Retailing for $295, the wool sweater is knit by hand, with each piece taking six hours to create. According to Rowing Blazer’s site, the public response to the reissue has been so great that a three-month waiting list has already been established—meaning those hoping to pre-order won’t receive their Diana-inspired jumper until February 2021. Considering the Diana hype isn’t set to die down any time soon, we’re waging it’ll be worth the wait.