The importance of physical activity and moving your body every day is information we are all aware of (or should be), so then, why is it something people struggle to implement into their life?

Worldwide, roughly 1 in 3 women are not incorporating physical activity enough to remain healthy, as stated by the World Health Organization. Regular physical activity is proven to help prevent and manage many diseases, including certain cancers, strokes, diabetes, and heart disease.

Daily movement, something Kelley Nemiro discovered during her health journey, plays a role in combating mental health issues such as fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

Being active is not easy for everyone, and going for a run or playing a high-intensity sport may not be an option. But there are many ways to move your body without putting it at risk, and one that is easy on the joints and doable — no matter your skill level in Pilates.

Pilates is mainly a “floor” workout, meaning you’re not running, jumping, or participating in an overly strenuous workout. Pilates can be done on a mat with or without equipment or on a reformer, and whatever method you choose, the health benefits are the same: relieve muscle tension, burn fat, improve flexibility, and become more mindful of your body.

Slow movements, breath work, and strength training define this versatile workout and were a staple for Nemiro during her road to wellness.

But it wasn’t always easy for Nemiro, and after many trials and tribulations, found herself feeling the best she ever has both mentally and physically.

“I know how it feels to have no energy or motivation to do the things you want to do. Rewind about 8 years ago and I certainly wasn’t living a healthy happy life. Most days I struggled to even feel OK, truth be told I felt the worst I ever have. It’s so hard to imagine now,” Nemiro shares.

Despite the hardships she faced, she came back stronger and dedicated her life to helping other women do the same.

Kelley Nemiro, founder of Wellness by Kelley, is an entrepreneur, certified nutritionist and health coach, and Pilates instructor. From feeling her worst to creating the life she’s always wanted, Nemiro followed her intuition to show others that change is possible.

Weight loss was a battle Nemiro faced most of her life, and after moving to L.A. and being surrounded by women who “defined” society’s beauty standards, it impacted her mentally.

“It triggered an eating disorder in me I struggled with for the better part of a decade,” Nemiro explains, and in response, her body was thrown out of whack which largely affected her hormones.

But after battling with herself and her body every day, she said enough was enough and made a choice to change. Since then, Nemiro discovered what her body needed — a plant-based diet, meditation, and slow movements — and waking up each day prioritizing her wellness.

The main part of her day involves body movement through Pilates.

“Consistency is the key to seeing the results you want to see not just physically, but mentally in terms of how productive you are,” she says. “The more committed you are to improving your health the easier it becomes to stick with it.”

It’s a common misconception that high-intensity workouts are the only way to lose weight or get in shape, but this is far from the truth. Low-impact movement is not only effective for weight loss, but also keeps your hormonal systems in balance, improves flexibility, and minimizes the chance of pain or injury often accompanied by high-intensity workouts.

Taking care of your body should be your top priority, and part of that process involves listening to what it needs while following your intuition. You know what’s best for you, and with the right guidance, you can get to a place of peace and harmony.

“Never forget you always have the power to take your health into your own hands so that the healthy vibrant fun-loving version of you can exist,” Nemiro emphasizes.

It’s time to make a change for yourself and invest in your wellness. Get in tune with your body and discover a life of happiness and health with Kelley Nemiro.

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