Credit: Getty Images

We all have the image of Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look burned into our heads, and whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it made a mark on the off-white carpet that night. But while I’m sure a head to toe ensemble of black Balenciaga cost a pretty penny, the ponytail she wore that night cost her just about $10,000. Yes, you read that right, a $10,000 ponytail.

Kardashian’s hairstylist from that night, Chris Appleton, who serves clients such as Dua Lipa and Jennifer Lopez as well, revealed this information over an Instagram story Q&A. We learned that not only was the ponytail worth $10,000, but it was also 75 inches long. Talk about a flare for the dramatics.

But who are we kidding, $10,000, for someone like Kardashian, really isn’t that much money, her net worth in 2021 is $1.2 billion. So I think she can afford a $10,000 ponytail.

So what products did Appleton use to achieve Kardashian’s Met Gala hair? He broke that down on Instagram as well. He prepped her mane with Color Wow “dream coat” for a high gloss finish, applying the “cult favorite” hairspray throughout thee roots to make sure it stayed in place. He used Leandro Limited scalp care to brush Kardashian’s hair into the slicked back ponytail, then applied the $10,000 extensions. He finished off the style with a Leandro Limited flattening iron to keep everything neat and shellacked everything with Color Wow extra shine spray. Talk about a process.

Like we said before, whether or not you liked Kardashian’s outfit from the Met Gala, it’s undeniable that it caused a buzz online. And now, we know that her hair was a lengthy endeavor within itself. It added a sleek extension (no pun intended) to the overall look, and made it visibly very Kardashian in nature, keeping her identity just ambiguous enough to make things interesting