In 1910, American lyricist Oscar Hammerstein opined that the “grand opera [is]… the most elevating influence upon modern society, after religion. From the earliest days, it has been the most elegant of all forms of entertainment . . . it employs and unifies all the arts.” The opera and high fashion have long been intertwined, with the grandeur and spectacle of the opera providing a perfect showcase for the luxury and elegance of couture garments and accessories. With its historical and cultural context, opera’s timelessness elevates couture and inspires contemporary fashion designers to create their interpretations of historical styles and motifs.

Krista Selico, opera recording artist, couture fashion influencer and actress, is a perfect example of how the intersection of opera and high fashion can elevate culture to new heights. With a Bachelor of Music in Classical voice from the University of Southern California, Krista is a highly educated, well-spoken and stylish artist who, although no stranger to live performance, approaches her opera career more as a recording artist rather than a theater performer. Her highly anticipated debut album was recorded with full orchestra at Warner Brothers Eastwood scoring stage under the baton of maestro Anthony Parnther and is scheduled for release Spring 2023.

Parnther, along with being the Music Director for San Bernardino Symphony has conducted a long list of the world’s greatest artists in virtually every genre, including American opera singer Jesse Norman, Rihanna, Imagine Dragons, and Kanye West. On the scoring stage, he has led and conducted recording sessions for many of the top international feature films and television series, such as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Avatar: The Way of Water.

Krista’s debut album is a fusion of some of the greatest lyric soprano Puccini arias alongside sensual pop-classical originals that seamlessly blend classical production with more accessible lyrical melodies. Her album is reminiscent of pop classical contemporaries- Andre Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. The recordings were produced with live concerts in mind, incorporating immersive visual productions, live orchestra, and show-stopping fashion. Krista’s live performances are geared towards stadiums, not opera houses, which allows her to express herself as an “artist” and connect with a broader audience. She finds a common thread with pop culture without becoming it, and her approach allows her to make opera and couture fashion more accessible beyond the “traditional” audience.

Currently, Krista is recording a reality show about her plight as a classical musician and fashion influencer with 3x Emmy award-winning producer Robert Salomon. Her goal is to make classical music culture more accessible and relevant to a broader audience. She believes that by connecting fashion with opera, she can create a uniquely glamorous classical culture that ultimately gives us something different to look forward to.
As an opera singer, Krista believes classical arts are essential to modern culture. They encourage delicacy, refinement, and high-quality culture, promote higher standards, mental stimulation in children, and cognitive development in adults. By making opera and couture fashion more accessible and relevant, Krista is making a difference in the world by promoting the importance of classical arts and the immense benefits they bring to our lives.

“The true superpower of a classic is its ability to be impactful throughout time without compromising the original intent,” she says. An advocate for progression in classical arts, Krista is determined to make opera and couture fashion more accessible beyond the “traditional” audience. She’s also a huge fan of glamorous living, making her a powerful influence on popular culture.