Photograph by Jennifer Rose Clasen/HBO Max

The Flight Attendant is back baby! With season 2’s first two episodes out on HBO Max, we’ve been thrown back into the jarring and dangerous world of Cassie Bowden.

Actress and executive producer Kaley Cuoco has been out and about promoting the new season where she showed off her matching tattoos with her co-star Zosia Mamet, and told both late night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Andy Cohen about the moment Sharon Stone (who will play Cuoco’s on-screen mother) got a bit too into her character and smacked Cuoco across the face. Cuoco told Kimmel that it’s, “the best stories I have ever had.”

While we can’t wait to see how the storyline unfolds with Stone, we did tune in to the first two episodes and we’re recapping exactly what went down so far. (If you need a refresher on where season 1 left off, catch up here.) Beware of spoilers ahead.

Photograph by Jennifer Rose Clasen/HBO Max

Our girl Cassie is back, and while she may be sober, she’s as messy and as chaotic as ever. After moving from New York City to Los Angeles, Cassie is working on her sobriety, dating a handsome, seemingly stable new guy Marco (played by Santiago Cabrera of Big Little Lies). Oh, and working as an asset for the C.I.A. No biggie.

Painting her life as picture perfect to her friends and family, Cassie regales all those in her Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, with how life is “pretty great.” When fellow AA attendee says, “I remember early in my recovery- the f*****g pink cloud where I was kind of just stupidly naïve,” Cassie is immediately defensive, reacting with a snippy remark.

And while her life does appear to be more put-together than it’s ever been (thriving house plants and all), Cassie can’t help but chase down the dangerous thrill her secret work as a CIA asset brings.

Still experiencing flashes into her own subconscious, Cassie’s joined by multiple versions of herself, some questioning her actions, and others pushing her to forsake her sobriety.

Photograph by Julia Terjung/HBO Max

Reporting to agent Benjamin Berry (MoMcRae), it seems Cassie has a tendency to get a little too close to her investigations. When advised to merely observe her latest subject within the confines of the hotel, and specifically instructed not to engage, Cassie, of course, does not oblige.

Chatting him up at the hotel bar and subsequently following the subject all over town, Cassie is stopped by a suspicious couple, as they “thank” her for her work as a flight attendant, seemingly secretly scanning something on Cassie with a hidden device.

Throughout her high-stakes chase, Cassie observes the subject having sex with a blonde woman baring the very same back tattoo as her. After spotting a team of people who appeared to be listening in on the subject’s hotel room from across the street, Cassie gets close to the mystery man as he enters a car, which explodes with him inside, throwing Cassie on her back as she watches the mystery blonde emerge from the wreckage.

Returning to her hotel room to find her luggage missing, employees at the hotel tell Cassie that she had already checked out of her room. Cassie suspects it was the doppelgänger she saw across the street, as her tensions and paranoia rise.

Annie (Zosia Mamet) and her maybe-fiancé Max come for a visit, witnessing Cassie’s jittery and dodgy behavior. Spilling her C.I.A. beans to her friends, the three are at home when her suitcase is returned from the airport, with random objects inside and a blonde wig covered in blood.

Photograph by Jennifer Rose Clasen/HBO Max

Cassie start suspecting it could her new co-worker Grace, but after she snoops around, she finds she was going down the wrong path, leaving her even more fearful that her mysterious, and potentially murderous twin could be anyone.

Reporting to higher-ups at the C.I.A., Cassie’s concerns are largely dismissed. After she’s informed that the C.I.A. intends to temporarily ground her from flying at Imperial Atlantic, Cassie spots one of the men who was listening in on her now-deceased target.

With Megan (Rosie Perez) still on the run (and cutting some poisonous mushrooms in the woods), she still contacts Cassie every now and then. After her son Eli calls Cassie, telling her his mother sent him a cryptic Snapchat, Cassie receives mail from Megan, containing a key.

Photograph by Jennifer Rose Clasen/HBO Max

Cassie’s loving brother Davey has been staying in town to support his sister’s journey as she receives her one-year chip from A.A., as he seemingly deals with some marital problems at home. Davey goes out with one of Cassie’s meeting members, Jenny, who purchased the same necklace as Cassie, and can’t stop talking to Davey about his sister’s experience in Bangkok. Noticeably uncomfortable, Davey asks that they not gossip about his sister.

Attempting to further investigate the random items found in the suitcase, Cassie, Annie, and Max, are at it again, sleuthing to pinpoint who is at the top of this complicated and deadly conspiracy.

Check back next week for episode 3’s recap.