The clean beauty trend has grown recently and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The movement focuses on natural ingredients, ethical production practices, and minimal cosmetics and beauty industry waste.

Clean beauty products are free from toxic ingredients such as parabens, health-damaging chemicals, GMOs, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, sulfates, and phthalates. Natural ingredients are used instead to provide beautiful results with minimal environmental or human health impact.

According to eCosmetics’ co-founder Alex Irvin, clean beauty is what “everyone in the beauty industry is talking about.”

However, he states that while clean beauty products aim to create a desirable outcome, companies must carefully market their ranges as “clean.” There is no one-size-fits-all definition of “clean beauty” or a governing body to enforce it.

“We had it on the website when we launched, but it became problematic because there was no standardization. We couldn’t define what clean meant,” Alex says.

The movement has led some critics to argue that the term has become too vague and open to company interpretation.

“It’s just a bunch of marketing jargon,” Irvin says. “Many companies have a different definition of it.”

He says this is part of why it’s so hard to market products as “clean beauty,” mainly because you must prove to consumers that your products are considered “clean.”

“I know a lot of companies that have been in trouble for marketing clean beauty the wrong way.”

In addition to the regulatory issues, ethical considerations must be considered when producing clean beauty products. Alex says companies need to be transparent about their formulations so customers can make informed purchase decisions.

Irvin admits that proving products to be clean is a challenge, and he’s not shy to state that eCosmetics prefers to stay away from the trend.

“We are re-sellers,” he says, “so we don’t get involved in that, and we don’t make any special claims outside what the manufacturer says.”

What eCosmetics does do, however, is provide customers with high-quality products from all their favorite brands in skincare, haircare, fragrance, and cosmetics. More importantly, the business offers peace of mind that the products are top of the range.

“When you buy from Amazon,” he says, for example, “You don’t know if your cosmetics are coming from someone reputable or someone’s garage.”

“But with eCosmetics, you can trust us 100%. We even provide a full refund guarantee, so if you don’t like it for legitimate reasons, call us, and we’ll refund your money.”