Photo courtesy Instagram | @supremenewyork

Devoted consumers of Supreme will be pleased to know that as of Saturday their vaunted hype-culture brand will now be gracing the exterior of New York City‘s subways. The train redecoration is the latest collaboration between the brand and NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

With speculations of the collaboration roaming Twitter, local reporter Vincent Barone confirmed the collaboration on August 11, writing, “MTA tells me these are legit. One full Supreme-wrapped train will run on the L line, planned to roll out this weekend.” Barone continued, “This is the first time the MTA is doing a full train wrap outside of the Grand Central shuttle as a new way to raise $, an MTA rep says.”

Supreme’s Instagram page unveiled a full look of the L line plastered in its signature red box logo. Although supporters are raving over the makeover, it doubly promotes Supreme’s forthcoming Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

While the location of the rail car seems to be randomly selected, its positioning was actually not left up to chance. According to Business Insider, the L line — which traverses between 8th Avenue in Chelsea, Manhattan and Rockaway Parkway in Canarsie, Brooklyn — makes a particular stop in Williamsburg. The neighborhood itself is home to a “cross-section of cultures,” from affluent millennials to trend-adoring Gen Zers. This varied group comprises much of Supreme’s core base.

This jaw-dropping collaboration comes four years after a previous partnership with NYC’s MTA where the brand introduced its cult audience to a new offering: a subway MetroCard. If the past partnership, which flooded stations with throngs of consumers, is any indication of the rapturous welcome that the wrapped subways will receive, die-hard supporters may want to board before it is too late. As of late, MTA hasn’t announced when the subway advert will end.