New York City: Liv Tyler and Stella McCartney at the 1999 ‘Rock Style’ Gala at the Met. (Photo by Mitchell Gerber/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)

Stella McCartney recently recreated one of her most iconic looks, and it’s being “rocked” in the brand’s new Pride campaign. You may recall the designer and Liv Tyler’s matching studded one-shoulder tank tops that read “Rock Royalty” at the 1999 Met Gala. The theme of the event was “Rock Style” and the daughters of Paul McCartney and Steven Tyler, respectively, let their rock status shine. This year, McCartney is lending her platform to the LGBTQIA+ youth in a new campaign “The Faces of Pride,” and the shirt is getting another spin in the limelight.

As a pioneer for sustainability, the brand’s “The Faces of Pride” shoot took place outside in nature in East London. According to the website, it was intended to “capture a sense of infinite strength as well as to reclaim a space that is not normally associated with the urbanity of the queer community, creating a radical dichotomy of visuals and tones.”

Every person involved in the Pride 2022 campaign identifies as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Photographer Jacqueline Landvik, and stylist Mina Galán had complete freedom to direct the shoot and style Stella McCartney Spring and Summer 2022 pieces with models Coumba Samba and Mikey Mendoza.


In an interview on the site, Galán (who is also a vintage shop owner) wants to protect and celebrate trans identities with the platform the Stella McCartney brand carries. “It’s devastating, but as sad as it sounds you get to a point that you are no longer surprised by injustices. You get used to this feeling of constant injustice and the policing that we have to face with our bodies on a daily basis.”

The stylist continued, “That’s when people that are part of our lives that aren’t trans have to step in and really use their privilege to fight for us — not only to stand by us and be allies, but to speak up and act on those injustices.”

When Mendoza was asked what it means to be apart of this community the model replied, “Authenticity and doing whatever you want with no labels or dichotomies.” And gave praise to McCartney, who they deemed “Rock Royalty,” by saying the brand is taking “a step in the right direction.”

Samba has a simple message for everyone viewing the campaign: “Be kind to everyone you meet and kinder to your friends. Spread love and peace, and stop using and buying plastic!”

From the Pride 2022 campaign, you can now shop the iconic tank, as well as the edgy, sustainable knit jumpsuits and bodysuits from the shoot.

Credit: Stella McCartney

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