The Spice Girls
The Spice Girls (Photo by Terry McGinnis/WireImage)

Forget hot girl summer. It looks like we’re in for a Spice Girls summer! Twenty-five years after their breakthrough single turned them into cultural icons, the Spice Girls are celebrating “Wannabe” with a special limited edition EP and a social media campaign putting their devoted fans at the center of the festivities. Starting this week, fans all over the world can share their stories of how the British girl band has been a part of their lives with the hashtag #IAMASPICEGIRL. Those videos and messages will be shared on the Spice Girls’ official website and on all their social channels in the coming weeks.

“The Spice Girls belong to everyone,” the band said in a statement, “and that’s why we want to mark 25 years of ‘Wannabe’ by celebrating our incredible fans.”

Meanwhile, Wannabe25 will begin streaming on July 9, with limited edition vinyl and cassettes out on July 23. The the four-track EP will include the original radio edit of “Wannabe,” plus a remix by legendary DJ Junior Vasquez and the never before released demo of the song. But most exciting is the inclusion of a new addition to the Spice Girls cannon: the previously unreleased song “Feed Your Love.”

The song was written by “Wannabe” co-writers Richard ‘Biff’ Stannard and Matt Rowe for the band’s 1996 debut album Spice. But according to Nylon, “Feed Your Love” was ultimately shelved because it was considered too racy at the time. Super fans have probably already heard brief snippets of the song that have been popping up on the Internet since 2016. From those leaked clips, it sounds like “Feed Your Love” has a very ’90s slow jam feel. Also, of note: the track features vocals by all five original Spice Girls: Baby, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and even Posh! Sounds like this should really spice up our lives!