Soudeh Keypour is a trailblazing Iranian-Canadian architect who is using her passion for contemporary design to create social impact in both her home country of Iran and beyond. With an impressive resume that includes international design projects and prestigious architecture awards, Keypour is not only a skilled designer but also an advocate for social justice, democracy, and equality.

Born and raised in Iran, Keypour received her architecture degree from the prestigious Azad University in Tehran before embarking on her career in the field. Her early work focused on contemporary and advanced architecture, and she quickly made a name for herself with a series of stunning designs that challenged traditional notions of form and space.

However, Keypour’s interests expanded beyond the purely aesthetic as she began to see the potential of architecture to effect social change. She realized that design could be a powerful tool for promoting democracy, secularism, and equality in her native Iran, where these values are not always fully embraced.  She’s hopeful that the new movement “Woman-Life-Freedom” which is currently going on in Iran can pave the way for building the foundation for positive future changes.

Keypour’s personal brand is built around her commitment to using architecture to create a more just and equitable world. She has been vocal about her desire to cultivate democracy and secularism in Iran, and she sees architecture as a key platform for achieving this goal. She has also worked to promote anti-racism culture and equality in every level of society.

One of Keypour’s most notable projects is Horizontal Gravity, a custom home in West Vancouver that received international recognition in 2020 with a “special mention” from the prestigious Architizer A+ Awards and an “honorable mention” from Loop Design Awards. The project showcases Keypour’s minimalist approach to design, which emphasizes clean lines and open spaces that highlight the beauty of the surrounding natural environment.

Another project, Plates House in West Vancouver, also demonstrates Keypour’s commitment to blurring the line between inside and outside space. The design makes use of transparency to create a feeling of connectedness with the natural surroundings while also creating a striking visual impact from the outside.

Keypour’s upcoming Forest Hill project in North Vancouver is still in the pre-design stage, but it promises to be another example of her commitment to creating socially responsible architecture that enhances the natural environment and maximizes benefits for the community.

Through her work, Soudeh Keypour is carving out a unique space in the world of architecture, one that combines a passion for contemporary design with a deep commitment to social justice and equity. As she continues to push boundaries and challenge traditional notions of form and space, she is proving that architecture can be much more than just a beautiful facade – it can be a tool for creating a better world.