Sisley La Cure Review
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Every so often, a brand launches something pretty exciting, something backed by years of research and A LOT of innovation. Such is the case with Sisley’s Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge La Cure, a brand new at-home skin system that works to “switch on” the processes that keep us looking youthful.

It’s widely known that the skin’s renewal cycle is approximately 28 days, so Sisley has designed La Cure as a protocol that capitalizes on this timeline. It launched just days ago, but I was lucky enough to try one pre-launch – and it couldn’t have come at a better time. In the early stages of the pandemic I got very busy in my bathroom, testing and trying a lot of products. I overdid it, resulting in a complexion that was a little red, irritated and dehydrated. So I stripped it right back and incorporated La Cure, and it’s safe to say I am converted.

What is it? 

The Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge La Cure is a four-week skincare system that draws on Nobel Prize-winning medical research to reactivate the skin’s cellular energy (resulting in more glow, bounce, clarity and youthfulness). The system aims to bolster three key mechanisms:

  1. Protection of the mitochondria
  2. Reconnection of the mitochondrial network
  3. Elimination of the damaged mitochondria.

It’s complex, but it essentially uses concentrated botanical extracts (like ginkgo biloba, peony, centella, yeast protein and mariposa blanca rhizome) to turn on the cellular processes that keep our skin young and energized.

Week one involves a restart phase, where defense mechanisms are boosted so the skin appears more awake.

Week two is all about regeneration and the elimination of damaged mitochondria – you’ll look softer, smoother and bouncier.

Week three aims to protect and boost antioxidant output, reducing the look of fine lines.

Finally, week four is about consolidating the results. Skin looks brighter, younger and full of health (think juice cleanse/yoga retreat/10 hours of uninterrupted sleep).


The suggested dose is to apply morning and evening for the four weeks, using up one vial per week. I found there was more than enough product to last the seven days (but gleefully used this up at the program’s closure). I also found it slotted into my existing skincare routine quite easily, but decided to lay off some of the actives (as mentioned prior) so as to not mess with the process. The brand suggests using La Cure twice a year, seasonally or in the lead up to a big event. In my experience, it was also a great way to calm down irritation, inflammation and other out-of-the-ordinary skin symptoms.

It would also be a shame to simply slap on such a luxurious skincare system, so it’s Sisley’s suggestion to incorporate a few tailor-made techniques into the application. Try placing your hands in front of your face and inhaling slowly, taking a moment to decompress and enjoy the fragrance. Follow up by pressing the product into your complexion deliberately and with your whole palm before finishing with a gentle, upwards massage. My favorite touch was allowing my head to rest in my hands for a few moments once applied – a short but oh so sweet moment of respite to bookend my days.


After the four weeks, my skin was soft, bright and calm. It felt like a reset – I scaled back my typically rigorous routine, focusing on gentle cleansing, La Cure and a gentle moisturizer (and sunscreen in the morning, obviously). It’s expensive, but when you consider it in the context of in-clinic treatments, it’s justifiable. For example, you might have five $300 facials in the lead up to a wedding or vacation. Instead, an at-home treatment such as La Cure is easier while delivering a similar glowing result. It’s also a special splurge for anyone who values luxury skincare (hello, me!) but you can speak to skin experts at Sisley counters if you’re after further information.


Sisley La Cure Review

Sisley La Cure Review


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