silvia tcherassi resort
clip from Silvia Tcherassi Resort 2022 lookbook video

June 8, 2021: Yesterday, Miami-based designer Silvia Tcherassi hosted her resort preview at the Upper East Side’s lavish, newly open Fasano Fifth Avenue. Upon arriving at the cashmere walled room where the presentation was held, I was instantly drawn to the bold and vibrant colors of Tcherassi’s Resort 2022 collection. Intentionally creating an attractive, unique atmosphere, mother and daughter design duo Silvia and Sofia Tcherassi present the bold collection overlooking the lush greenery of Central Park as its backdrop.

The remarkable collection appeared more as an exhibition of masterpieces rather than a presentation. A stand-out among the work was the brushstroke watercolor dresses deserving of a “no touching the art” sign. Each piece was unique and delicately done in its own way due to the little-to-no chance for reversal or corrections of the sophisticated watercolor technique. “With other artistic techniques such as oil, it is easier to imitate an image or even a certain style,” says Silvia Tcherassi. “The fluidity and the movement in watercolors are more unpredictable and spontaneous, yet the overall effect is translucent and grace.”

The vibrant color palette seen throughout the collection is inspired by the watercolors of French artists Sonia Delaunay and Milton Avery. “There’s a lot of intricate details and process behind the scenes,” mentions Sofia. She continues by exclusively divulging the uniqueness of one of the colorways. “We, in fact, created this color on our own,” she continues, (referencing the first garment in the collection gallery at the bottom of this article). When the dress in purple arrived, we decided to hand-dye one to create this perfect blue. We then sent a sample to our factory to produce.”

The collection’s textures use various master stroke techniques like embroidery and fabric manipulation. For example, the dynamic duo updates its striped blouse (a core staple of the brand) by adding embroidered dainty flowers and voluminous sleeves. Fabrics manipulated with cutouts and lace detailing were equally common among blouses and pants. Italian-made accessories, including cross-body handbags with chain detailing and waist-cinching belts with oversize rectangular buckles, accompany the ready-to-wear pieces.

Tcherassi’s elegant and refined feminine silhouettes accurately characterize a timeless resort collection that will live way beyond the season. Take a look at the entire tour de force collection below.