Credit: Mark Mainz/Getty Images. NEW YORK – MARCH 19: Actress Sarah Jessica Parker shoots a promotional video for the hit HBO series, “Sex and the City” on Brooklyn Bridge March 19, 2003 in New York City.

The announcement of a Sex and the City revival—one which won’t include Samantha—shocked everyone, not least the creators of the show’s most iconic fan account, @EveryOutfitOnSATC.

When news of the reboot was announced, Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni jumped into gear, aware their 677,000-strong loyal following would be awaiting their response. SATC cast members Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristen Davis all follow the account. (In a very on-brand move, Kim Cattrall doesn’t.)

“BREAKING, UTTERLY ICONIC NEWS,” the women wrote on Instagram, alongside the trailer for HBO’s new 10-part series, And Just Like That. “Someone send an ambulance, because we are f***ing DEAD.”

Parker, a longtime fan of the account, quickly commented on the post, “We hope we give you some worthy new material. So to speak!!! X” 

With little known about the new series and no air date in sight, Fairless and Garroni, who released the book We Should All be Mirandas in 2019, realized fans needed an outlet. Thus, Every Outfit the podcast was born.

“Against our better judgement, the inaugural episode of the Every Outfit podcast is here!,” the duo shared on Instagram on Sunday night, alongside the release of their first episode.

In its debut, the women discuss everything from Samantha’s absence (their assumption is she’s in jail) to whether Carrie’s dating column will have morphed into a podcast in 2020 (probably), and, importantly, what kind of fashion the cast will wear (no to streetwear for Carrie, but yes to a small Telfar bag. Miranda should still be in menswear).

But, despite Sex and the City being a huge passion of both hosts, the Every Outfit podcast won’t just consist of reboot recaps. Rather, it’ll cover all facets of fashion and pop culture. “After running our Instagram account, @EveryOutfitOnSATC, for a few years, we really wanted a forum to talk about other topics,” Fairless told GRAZIA. “Both of us have had a borderline unhealthy obsession with popular culture since birth, and Sex and the City is only a small part of that.”

“We’re also aware that there are literally tens of thousands of podcasts, but felt that there weren’t enough topical panel shows talking about pop culture and certainly none that were also talking about fashion,” Garroni adds. “Our friendship was built on bitchy pop-cultural takes, so it comes naturally to us, and we thought it was time to share that with others. Ha!”

As for what’s to come? “Topic-wise, we’re excited to get into the Kardashians, which we’ve created a segment around,” Fairless says. “I’m excited to demystify and bring our brand of criticism to the world of fashion. I think people are hungry for a better understanding of the industry, especially since criticism today seems to be hot takes with no context,” continues Garroni. 

Just like on Instagram, Fairless and Garroni are dry, witty, and on the ball in Every Outfit. The pair say they “envisioned the show as a new take on E!’s Fashion Police and just one episode in, it looks like they’re already well on the way to achieving just that. 

Listen and subscribe to Every Outfit here.