Image credit: Instagram/@sofiarichie

Celebrities, they’re just like us. Take Sofia Richie: model, influencer and daughter of Lionel Richie at home in a sheet mask and headband, iced coffee in hand. Regular Saturday morning programming for some.

Sheet masks have a tendency to make the wearer look like an extra in a Freddy Kruger film, but Richie pulls it off to a degree of somewhat success. But her Instagram followers, bless them, decided to give her a reality check, pointing out the mask looks suspiciously similar to a Kraft single cheese slice.


Chemical yellow in color and with a rubberized-plastic texture, the mask (on closer inspection) does indeed look a bit like processed American cheese – the kind that comes individually wrapped and sits pretty on a Big Mac. A few followers even go so far as to claim it is cheese, given she’s captioned the post “What’s for breakfast,” but we’re 99 per cent sure this is false.

The real question though, is how she found a mask that fits her face almost perfectly, given most sheet masks bunch around the hair line or end up obstructing one’s mouth. Maybe she knows something we don’t. Celebrities – not so much like us after all.

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