Credit: Sandro

Transparency is one of the many key pillars of sustainability. Many of us would have a difficult time tracing back where our clothes were made, let alone all of the steps in production.

Now, fashion brand Sandro is paving the way by joining forces with the French startup, Fairly Made, to create a more transparent, sustainable future for all SMCP brands (which includes Sandro, Maje, De Fursac, and Claude Pierlot).

Fairly Made was founded in 2018 by French entrepreneurs Camille Le Gall and Laure Betsch. The purpose: to create a platform that allows brands to access information on traceability within their supply chains and production. 

Fairly Made collects all of the information from every supplier that is involved in the production of the garment. From there, it will give Sandro and SMCP group brands a traceability score. 

The Sandro Spring/Summer 2022 collection will feature a QR code on tags that consumers can scan to see every step of production the garment went through. 

Consumers, buyers, and fashion lovers will be able to see where the raw materials were sourced, where the garment was manufactured, and even the number of kilometers it has traveled in production. 

For now, Sandro is taking this initiative on a certain number of garments, but has plans to ensure that 100 percent of their garments will be fully traceable by 2025. 

Sandro has been working to be more sustainable since 2021 by creating Sandro Seconde Main. Joining in with other brands like Oscar De La Renta and Coach, Sandro’s own resale platform features previous collections as well as upcycled pajamas. The brand has noted that almost 50% of women’s and men’s collections are eco-responsible.