Movies, social media stories, podcasts, and magazines highlighting the lives of entrepreneurs who have, in one way or another, cracked the code to becoming self-made millionaires are everywhere. To be a high net worth individual and live an abundant lifestyle is the ultimate dream – one that can become your reality. According to the 2021 Global Wealth Report, there are now 56.1 million millionaires globally, accounting for 1.1% of the population. If over fifty million individuals can create a seven-figure income, so can you!

Regan Hillyer, founder of Regan Hillyer International, #1 manifestation coach, global speaker, and self-made multi-millionaire, is living proof that with the right tools, anyone can build a million-dollar bank account, and she is teaching the world exactly how. Her philosophy: becoming a multi-millionaire has more to do with mindset than money, circumstance, or strategies.

Hillyer has built multiple 7-figure companies and a coaching empire with a massive global impact from the ground up, all before turning 30. Fueled by only a gut feeling and pushing forward on blind faith, her path to success was fraught with trials – but everything she experienced was for a divine purpose. Hillyer synthesized the most impactful pieces of science, training, and knowledge she acquired on her journey to form her groundbreaking Energetic Architecture Method™, which Hillyer expresses is “a unique manifestation modality that uses the quantum field to allow people to return to their abundant natural state, in every area of life.”

Harnessing her innovative coaching methods, Hillyer has created over 50 millionaires within her client circle and helped thousands to build multiple six and seven-figure businesses operable from anywhere in the world. Hillyer has been in her clients’ shoes, climbing her way out of hundreds of thousands in personal debt, battling limiting beliefs and fear to reach the success and freedom she experiences today. Now, it’s her mission to elevate the world, using her knowledge and energetic gifts to help people to have it all on their terms.

Featured on media outlets like CBS, Fox, and ABC, Hillyer does not shy away from freely sharing her “trade secrets” to creating a millionaire lifestyle with the world. She holds nothing back when explaining in-depth the process of unlocking abundance on worldwide stages, top podcasts, and featured inside popular publications. Hillyer’s message to those whose heart desires to become the millionaire version of themselves is to focus your efforts inward. So many people see external conditions as hindering them from hitting 7-figures when the culprit is all about their mindset and conditioning that keeps them playing small.

Hillyer’s steps to becoming a millionaire include valuable guidance that you may not expect – getting crystal clear on your vision, expanding your capacity to receive, rewiring your money blueprint, releasing toxic money blocks – these are among the aspects of deep inner work that will clear the way for abundance to pour into your life.

“The desire for manifesting millions is not about the money,” Hillyer shares. “Manifesting millions is about tapping into a new sense of freedom that maybe you haven’t discovered before – it’s about opening up freedom of choice, choices that you didn’t even think were possible, and saying yes to a greater level of contribution that you get to play out in your life.”

Accessibility and inclusivity are pillars of Hillyer’s Millionaire-Making business model. A big part of her rise to success was showing up big in the world, sharing her message on every platform and stage she could. She maintains this presence today, sharing next-level mindset and manifesting techniques on Instagram, YouTube, her podcast The Regan Hillyer Show, and an upcoming course featured on the acclaimed personal-growth platform, MindValley.

Hillyer is passionate about making her coaching available for human beings from all backgrounds and financial situations. To ensure everyone has the opportunity to transform their life from the inside out, she provides a full spectrum of coaching options, ranging from free instant-access downloads to a year of 1:1 private mentoring with her for $1 million. Additionally, Regan Hillyer International offers youth scholarships to support the young change-makers of the world who are committed to creating a lasting impact and influencing others through their mission.

Every human being on the planet is worthy of creating a million-dollar life that offers freedom, joy, and infinite opportunities. “You can absolutely have it all!” Hillyer shares. “You don’t have to be born into wealth or win the lottery. With the right mindset and approach, you can activate your inner millionaire and turn your dreams into reality.”⁠

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