It’s that time of the day again: mail time!

Considering the sugar high we’re all currently on thanks to Harry Styles, we thought we’d give you another dose of saccharine joy via a ‘Postcard From Home‘ from our favorite Pink Lady (and makeup extraordinaire), Nicole “Pinky” Thompson.

Whiz with makeup brush in hand and giver of the best “glazed” skin goin’ round, Pinky writes to us from her home in the Sydney suburb of Concord, where she is iso-ing with her husband and two adorable minis: her 4-year-old daughter, Frenchie (AKA her own personal “Energizer Bunny”) and 5-month-old son, Kingi.

Here, she ruminates on missing the tactile pleasures of “face painting” and how she’s spending her days at home. And yes, it involves makeup (both on herself and her kids!)