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It’s the challenge taking the internet by their wine glasses: One person holds the base of a wine glass between their teeth and slowly leans backwards while the other person – positioned behind them – drinks the wine from the glass. If the duo can do it without spilling it, success! And model Lara Worthington and actress Phoebe Tonkin can now add this very important skillset to their resumes.

A viral trend on TikTok, the best friends followed a video Cameron Diaz posted last week while promoting her new brand of wine.

“Look, I have drank wine my entire life and my assumption is that it was just fermented grapes, why wouldn’t it be,” Diaz recently told host Seth Meyers. “And then we learned sort of what possibly could be put into wine, and we realized that we wanted to drink only wines that didn’t have those things in it.”

She added, “Then, we realized that we only really consume, you know, we make such an effort to consume organic groceries, to put clean skin products on our bodies, and to wear organic cotton, all these things that we never really questioned our wine and when we realized that it wasn’t a given that our wines were organic, we went ahead and sort of went that — we sort of put the pillar of our wine was that it had to have organic grapes.”

Tonkin and Worthington’s attempt, however, is one of the smoothest we’ve seen! We’re wondering how many practices it took to get to this level of precision.

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Elle and Dakota Fanning also took part in the challenge.

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