Sex and The City
Actresses Kristin Davis as “Charlotte,” Sarah Jessica Parker as “Carrie Bradshaw,” Cynthia Nixon as “Miranda,” and Kim Cattrall as “Samantha” on location for “Sex and the City: The Movie”

May 26, 2021: And Just Like That, the talented Patricia Field, costume designer and stylist behind Sex and The City’s many fashionable looks, will not be returning for the beloved sitcom’s reboot. When forced to decide between the revival and Emily in Paris, Field decided not to take on the return of Manhattan’s (and Brooklyn, hi Miranda) “It” girls to focus on season two of the Netflix seriesper WWD.

If you’re an avid fan of the acclaimed show, like me (as I’m certain you can tell by now), the early aughts fashion was just as good as the character’s turbulent romances. Fear not, though; all is not lost in the Big Apple. HBO Max tapped stylist Molly Rogers to fill Patricia Field’s shoes (likely Manolo Blahniks) as the head wardrobe stylist for the upcoming revival. Rogers served as Field’s right hand throughout the Sex and The City series and was an associate costume designer for The Devil Wears Prada. And who are we to argue with Miranda Priestly’s prevailing sense of style and Andy’s Chanel boots?

Sex and The City costume designer and stylist Patricia Field

The Field-trained stylist seems to be the perfect fit to carry on the Oscar-winning costume designer’s legacy. Kim Cattrall, a longtime friend of Field, will also not be returning for the reboot, and although we’ll dearly miss both women and the greatness they contributed to the series, we’re delighted to see what Rogers whips up for the stylish girl gang.

In line with all of the SATC news, Sara Ramírez, an alum from Grey’s Anatomy, will also join the reboot as the show’s first nonbinary character. As we wait to hear more on the revival as they begin shooting in late spring, we can’t help but wonder: Will Manolos still be the star shoe of the season? Or is there a new It shoe in town?