People are paying more attention to hair care than ever before. With the rise of social media and hair care influencers, everyone has become more aware of the importance and benefits of having a hair care routine and why, what tool/product you use, and what ingredients went into making the product matter. But finding the right product for your hair type is still a hassle. Many conventional hair care products, from shampoo to hair straightener creams, contain harsh chemicals that can damage the hair causing hair breakage, thinning, and even hair loss. Monay Hair Cryotherapy now challenges this.

Unlike other hair straighteners (Keratin, Japanese hair straightening, etc.) that use chemicals and toxic fumes that can cause damage to the hair and your health. Monay Hair Cryotherapy combines cryotherapy, nanoprotein, and collagen, which have been linked to silky smooth hair. Monay Hair Cryotherapy is the FIRST AND ONLY to combine the three, creating a revolutionary system and safe products that attain results like no other.

Cryotherapy has been linked to hair growth by increasing blood flow to hair follicles. It has also been found to help repair damaged and fragile hair. Monay Hair Cryotherapyuses this with nanoprotein and collagen to straighten, control the frizz, and hydrate hair fully. The ice helps speed up the transfer of their unique treatment formulas into the hair and increases the absorption potential, allowing hair strands to capture higher levels of nutrients and lock in moisture.

Monay Hair Cryotherapy then uses the cryotherapy ice iron machine to push the treatment deeper into the strand to create a long-lasting rejuvenation effect. The treatment can reverse even the highest level of capillary degradation and can be done on every hair type and even colored and bleached hair.

Alongside the treatment, Monay Hair Cryotherapy has created several products which work under sub-zero temperatures. It took the company 18 months to find the right combination that would not only help repair damaged hair but was also safe.

According to Nery Monay, the founder and CEO of Monay Hair Cryotherapy, they wanted something safe and effective for all hair types. “Many hair straighteners use toxic chemicals that damage your hair in many ways. They strip it of its natural oils and can make it dry, which often leads to breakage and loss. We wanted a cryotherapy treatment where you get to enjoy all the benefits of cryotherapy and get fuller, healthier hair,” Nery Monay says.

The Monay Hair Cryotherapy treatment is infused with high-quality active ingredients like Alma oil, collagen, biotin, and hyaluronic acid. This amazing combination repairs dry cuticles to create hair that is smoother, softer, shinier, and stronger and helps in hair growth. Monay Hair Cryotherapy is vegan and cruelty-free.

As hair cryotherapy treatments continue to gain more popularity, Monay Hair Cryotherapy is pioneering a new treatment that is a game changer in the industry. Their system and aftercare products are created to help you achieve shiny, silky, controllable, and frizz-free hair for months without damaging hair or inhaling toxic fumes.