Last year, Naomi Campbell’s exhaustive disinfecting travel video became an instant meme. Inside her luxurious first class suite, the supermodel pulled out a pair of surgical gloves and proceeded to slather herself and the airplane with Dettol Antibacterial Wipes, along with a word of caution: “Clean everything you touch. Anything you could possibly touch.”

Today, as she boarded a flight from Los Angeles to New York City in the wake of the Coronavirus chaos, Campbell was back to her sanitizing best – this time taking extra extreme caution. She arrived at the airport in a full Hazmat Suit, N95 mask and pair of pink latex gloves, posting the images on Instagram with the caption: “Safety First NEXT LEVEL. Full video coming on my YouTube soon…”

But even with the impermeable (and ugly) hazardous materials suit, Campbell managed to still make it fashion, adorning the whole-body garment with a chic camel coat with leather trim by Burberry.

She also wheeled Away’s The Carry-On in White (arguably the chicest travel companion), completing Campbell’s Coronavirus look.

With last year’s travel routine setting the internet ablaze, we wait with bated breath to see what Naomi Campbell does in the next, Coronavirus-savvy, Hazmat-wearing installment of “Come Fly With Me” on Youtube.

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