Mr. Big SATC
Edit credit: Kimberlee Kessler

Since the announcement of HBO’s reboot of Sex and the City we couldn’t help but wonder if Chris Noth’s Mr. Big would return to the small screen. According to a report from Page Sixsources say no. The publication has also revealed that David Eigenberg’s character (aka Miranda Hobbes’ husband), Steve Brady, would not return either.

So does this mean Big and Carrie’s marriage didn’t work out after all? You may also recall that Mr. Big was slated to be killed off in the third installment of SATC. And with so many key characters cut from the script including Kim Cattrall’s Samantha, will it ever live up to the social media hype?

As reported in early February, Samantha won’t be killed off but will merely drift away from the friendship circle. We can only assume the same for Big’s relationship.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall (Photo by Tom Kingston/WireImage)

“Just as in real life, people come into your life, people leave,” HBO Max’s chief content officer, Casey Bloys, explained in the past. “Friendships fade, and new friendships start. So I think it is all very indicative of the real stages, the actual stages of life.… They’re trying to tell an honest story about being a woman in her 50s in New York. So it should all feel somewhat organic, and the friends that you have when you’re 30, you may not have when you’re 50.”

Titled And Just Like That, the hotly-anticipated reboot will feature 10 half-hour episodes. It has been confirmed to Variety that Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis will each earn over $1 million per episode.

Bloys has warned diehard fans of the series to keep an open mind as the producer, Patrick King, will not be recreating Sex and the City. 

“They’re not trying to re-do Sex and the City. They’re not trying to say that these characters are reliving their 30s. It is very much a story about women in their 50s, and they are dealing with things that people deal with in their 50s.”

More to come.