Under the deft eye of Veronica Leoni, the woman at the helm of Moncler’s 1952 women’s range, the brand synonymous with high-tech alpine-cum-urban wear has been given a fashionable overhaul. The pragmatic designer’s inspiration was indeed a reimagining of “an army of women on a quest for a lost paradise,” a mode of thought deemed rather exciting and very relevant for the woman living through 2020.

Crediting her aesthetic imprint – like her iteration of the iconic Moncler puffer jacket – to the rich subcultures of London, Milan-based Leoni earned her stripes in the renowned ateliers of Jil Sander and Celine.

In September of 2019, as dramatic silhouettes filled the Moncler Genius runway in Milan, it was Leoni’s eye for immaculate tailoring that stood out, an aesthetic that didn’t typically belong in the sporty world. The bulkiness of the puffer was softened, coats were cinched-in and slimline, and ribbed knit sweaters, skirts and flares became part of the tilt toward fashion happening at Moncler.

“I’m working around the idea of the female wardrobe being able to merge and articulate functional pieces of outerwear, sometimes extremely sporty and technical, with a contemporary feeling of femininity,” Leoni tells GRAZIA. “Never giving up a certain level of sophistication, the puffer jacket has become more like a statement for any kind of outfit and occasion. It’s no longer strictly connected to a specific function and look.”

If we were to escape the hustle and hassle of this Earth – if we were to go on one of these aforementioned quests to another place, another world – make no mistake, you’d do it in Leoni’s Moncler. (And at -62 degrees Celsius with a rocky terrain, if there were life on Mars, you’d need that puffer.)

“I would like to see the Moncler puffer jacket in every modern anti-heroine’s wardrobe,” Leoni says. “I’d like it to be a cool option for these women to represent themselves when they walk out into the world every morning.”

Below, we spotlight three different looks from the 2 Moncler’s 1952 women’s collection with commentary from GRAZIA and ICON’s fashion director Kim Payne.

2 MONCLER 1952 WOMEN’S COLLECTION is now available via moncler.com and in Moncler boutiques at Westfield Sydney and Chadstone Melbourne.

ELINA down-filled Poncho  SHOP NOW,  viscose-blend yarn ribbed turtleneck SHOP NOW,  silk yarn uneven rib knit skirt SHOP NOW, Leather Platform sandals, 2 Moncler 1952 women’s collection.

This enveloping puffer plays kimono without sacrificing on function and can be reconfigured in a few different ways via its drawcord and snaps. “When the studs are open, this piece has this sense that it’s about to take-flight, it’s almost like a parachute,” says Payne. “Lightweight and soft, what I love about Leoni’s interpretation of this collection is that you can style this puffer over an evening dress or you could put it with jeans and a t-shirt. It’s also a piece that travels well for when we can travel again. 

SIM Double Breasted Coat  SHOP NOW, silk yarn knit top SHOP similar, VANIA leather boots SHOP NOW, 2 Moncler 1952 women’s collection.

Elegant, elongated and tailored, this coat embodies the outdoor attitude of Moncler with a really feminine, tailored instinct. “It’s utilitarian with a modern twist,” says Payne. “The coat has a masculine identity about it – there’s no collar, there’s matte nylon oversized pockets – but in a way, it emulates a dress with a slim waist and belt. We paired it with chunky all-terrain boots (their heaviness could see any heroine climb any mountain) but you could also team the coat with a refined sandal or slipper.”

mohair-blend CREWneck 3D boudin quilting SHOP NOW,  silk yarn uneven rib skirt SHOP NOW, VANIA leather boots SHOP NOW, 2 Moncler 1952 women’s collection.

Leoni has redefined sweater dressing as knitwear plays an important role in her latest offering. “The skirt is a fine mohair, ribbed stretch knit. It’s soft and feminine and juxtaposes the oversized upper knit,” says Payne. “Between the two dominant stripes, there’s a surprise color of yellow, too.”

2 MONCLER 1952 WOMEN’S COLLECTION is now available via moncler.com and in Moncler boutiques at Westfield Sydney and Chadstone Melbourne.

Fashion Director: Kim Payne
Videographer: Mitch Payne
Hair & Makeup: Elsa Morgan
Model:Maisie Dunlop/Priscillas Model Management