Megan Fox has shared how she went to “hell for eternity” after taking part in an ayahuasca trip in Costa Rica – so that’ll be a no from us on a visit to the region. The ayahuasca leaves are psychoactive, and traditional healers in several South American countries use the tea for its reported healing properties.

The trips have become more popular in recent years, and Megan shared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show how she visited an indigenious setting with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly but that she found the “trip” took her to her “own version of hell” that was better than any talk therapy.

“Everybody’s journey is different,” she explained to guest host Arsenio Hall. “The second night I went to hell for eternity. And just knowing eternity is like torture in itself because there’s no beginning, middle or end. So you have a real ego death.”

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“This is a medicine that goes — it surpasses anything you could do with talk therapy or hypnotherapy, any of those things,” she continued.

“It just goes straight into your soul and takes you into your psychological prison you hold yourself in. It’s your own version of hell. And I was definitely there.”

Ayahuasca has become incredibly popular in recent years with those looking for alternative therapies; it involves drinking the tea leaves and then vomiting, or purging. A “trip” can last up to six hours, and many have proclaimed it to help them with the healing of physical and emotional ailments.

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The Transformers actress and MGK – real name Colson Baker – began dating in 2020.

The pair haven’t been afraid to go from zero to sixty with their romance though, with the pair publicly displaying their affection for all to see across social media, red carpets and events. But the two seen deeply and madly in love, opening up about their experiences together in a new interview.

Megan admitted she was living in fear after poor past experiences with the media, and prior to her reemergence into 2020 stardom, the actress told herself she “would never live one more day of my life [with] fear.”

“I got a divorce [from Brian Austin Green] and I started working more and doing more things,” she said. “I ended up meeting Colson, and then literally everything exploded from there.”

“She’s like the earth,” MGK then gushed. “When it’s summer, it’s the hottest summer. When it’s winter, it’s the most amazing chill. In the fall and spring, it’s a beautiful transition. She is unlike any person I have ever met in my life.”

“I just want people to understand this is real,” he continued. “I don’t think people get the opportunity to believe in real, great love, and that’s what we have together.”