Psychologists have known for centuries about the therapeutic and healing effects that art can offer people in times of distress.  Whether it is music, sculptures, dancing, or paintings, art provides a unique means to communicate with others, express our creativity, and lose ourselves in the moment. When you bring spirituality into arts, its positive effects can become even more powerful, bringing a higher level of consciousness to those who observe and participate in it. Now, artist Iryna Parepskaya is harnessing the power of art to help others heal and find their way.

Born in Belarus in 1989, Iryna is a unique and talented artist who has made a name for herself for her unique ability to connect the material and spiritual through her art. Despite her lack of formal art education, Iryna has earned the title of the “Soul Energy Artist” through sheer force of will, passion, talent, and spirituality. Through her paintings, she is on a mission to help people all over the world to connect with their inner voice and to be true to themselves, especially at a time when the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still rampant.

Iryna’s journey into the world of arts started at a very young age, having been a professional artistic gymnast competing at the championship level and earning several awards. However, she wouldn’t choose to follow this path, moving to Italy to become a linguistic expert in international relations instead. During her time in Milan, she not only worked in the world of fashion but also got to meet the man who would become the love of her life, and she opened the doors to the world of spirituality and numerology by chance when she was 28. She would soon embark on a journey that would lead her to confront her inner self, find her true purpose, and learn the ins and outs of numerology and sacred geometry.

She found out her unique gift in a very unexpected way during a long period of time when she dedicated herself to spiritual and personal growth. During this journey she saw how many people were suffering on their way to know themselves, because of how much resistance they faced.

“Through my paintings, I aim to transmit the divine love for humanity, so that when people look at my artwork, they feel love and their inner light and remember that they are valuable, loved, and unique. When I paint, I experience a sense of bliss and a connection with God, and I realize that I am not the one painting but rather someone working through me. The paintings I create are not just energy paintings but “icons of the new era.” These are not icons that make people cry and pray; instead, they elevate you to a new level of life through love and light at a deep level by connecting you with your inner source”, says Iryna. “Deep inside me, at an unconscious level, I wanted to create something unique, so that any single person can connect with their inner light, their soul, their divine spark, and feel just how much they are loved; to realize that their suffering is just an illusion of their mind. I wanted to create something that brings people to a high level of consciousness but in a joyful way. I wanted to create something that brings joyful evolution. So, I can say that my inspiration is to show all beings their soul.”

Iryna would soon find that spiritual paintings were the best way to pursue her newly found purpose. Through soft colors and metallics, sacred geometry, and ancient symbolism, she would soon start to create masterpieces with deep meaning in which every element had a purpose. To her, the process is completely intuitive and the result of her inner voice expressing itself through her tools and emotions, allowing the final product to be untarnished and free from the constraints of her ego.

The pieces created by Iryna not only are full of meaning and spiritual power, but they also have profound psychological, spiritual, and physical effects on those who see them. Their calming and uplifting nature gives them an ethereal quality that has been proven to generate a positive and effective physiological response that results in improved mental clarity, stress, and deep introspection similar to that experienced during a deep meditative state.

“There is a deep psychology that exists within the realm of colors that not many people have explored. Psychologists often use color to help them determine where a client may be unconsciously holding back, or where they may have totally obliterated an event from their mind,” explains Iryna. “Not infrequently, looking at paintings for the first time, people begin to cry, this is how the magic of color works, and then they say how good it became inside. These are the endorphins that make us feel free and euphoric. It also significantly reduces the level of cortisol in the blood, which helps a person to live their truly legendary life.”

Irynas journey to becoming the Soul Energy Artist has been a unique and meaningful one, a fact that she is constantly reminded of when she sees the effect her paintings have. To her, the process of creating her work is just as important to herself as it is to others: it is about growth, innovation, and manifestation. Today, Iryna continues to actively paint new works for herself and others, as well as writing books, with the aim to share the state of abundance and fulfillment she has come to experience herself after finding her mission: amplifying glory and bringing the light.