If you’re interested in spirituality, you’re likely familiar with Cassady Cayne.

With an online following of hundreds of thousands of women passionate about crystals, manifestation, energy healing, Twin Flames and other esoteric subjects, you’ll see Cayne described in gushing terms by people praising her abilities, thanking her for bringing “reunion” to their Twin Soul relationship, or helping them find self acceptance.

In a wild online scene of ‘bro marketing’ and even cults, Cayne is known for her gentle approach and empowering her followers. As a coach, that stands out.

Growing up in Scandinavia, she explains that being the face of her own work made her uncomfortable at first, “but in today’s world, it’s unavoidable.”

“I’m learning to have fun with it,” she says, laughing. “I’m not here to glorify myself. When you’re an intuitive, you can literally see that no one is ‘un-special’. Some people just haven’t discovered their own power yet.”

Cayne’s unassuming approach is no reflection of the success she has enjoyed in recent years, though, as a WSJ bestselling author and 7 figure “soul-preneur” who started from nothing.

Being the “girl next door” suits Cayne, and she insists if you saw her in a cafe on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, you wouldn’t know her from any other 30-something girl there.

You may need a double-take, however, to make sure you’re not actually seeing her “celebrity twin,” Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn. Both are blue-eyed, icy blondes, and share the same birth year.

Luxury real estate comes into play, too. Fresh off moving into her new Hollywood Hills home — according to Cayne, a near identical house to her old vision board — she says: “When your manifestation arrives tangibly, it’s a truly awe-inspiring feeling.”

Perhaps even more surreal due to Cayne’s humble beginnings: “I grew up in a blue collar family in a tiny town. My father worked at the docks. I was given this idea that life is hard, deal with it. No one is coming to save you.”

Being raised an atheist, Cayne was naturally taken aback when she experienced a sudden spiritual awakening in her early 20s, which unleashed psychic abilities. From being the skeptic, she opened to a new world — and started blogging about her experiences.

Within 18 months, she went from unknown to over a million readers a year with her blog Twin Flames 11:11, and landed a major publishing deal.

Through her weekly intuitive astrology updates, Cayne has perhaps become most well-known as a clear channel intuitive. NDAs prevent her from revealing client names, but suffice to say Cayne has become trusted by Hollywood elite since moving to LA.

As you may expect, Cayne yet again plays down her “specialness” — despite being sought out for readings at astronomical fees. Her philosophy is that every person can connect with divine guidance — if they just learn to open up.

What’s next? “I’m enjoying where I’m at, and looking forward to seeing what the universe has in store.

I used to be the girl who’d watch others with envy, thinking I would never have abundance or get to do what I loved. I would really love to go back and tell myself, and anyone else in that situation: ‘You really can have, be and do amazing things. Focus on opening up and taking action on what you love.

There really is a purpose to it all.’”