The latest Instagram update in Texas and Illinois might inspire your makeup routine. Recently, Instagram Story filters have been banned in both states due to facial recognition laws. Without the use of filters many are enhancing some makeup techniques to achieve a similar effect. Below, we’re sharing some must-have items to achieve that glowy look, whether you live in Texas or Illinois, or just want to amp up your selfie game. 

Why were filters banned in Texas and Illinois?

Instagram has removed its facial filters for users in these two states. The technology used for face-altering filters violates Texas’ privacy laws. The company also settled a class-action lawsuit with the state of Illinois which restricted the use of biometric data. The shift in-laws might foreshadow a more natural future for social media content. Currently, the use of face-altering apps, filters and more has created an unhealthy beauty standard for users. The National Library of Medicine found that social media apps had a correlation to the rise of eating disorders amongst adolescents.

As impactful as Instagram might be on young users, some of the app’s Story filters created subtle changes that look similar to a soft makeup look. Many users enjoy the Marianna Hewitt filters which give the illusion of sun-kissed skin. 

How can I create a filter-inspired makeup look?

Unfortunately, residents in these two states will have to get accustomed to life without Instagram filters. Even though they cannot use the app’s face-altering features, there are makeup products that create a flawless finish. The most popular filters included a soft lash, rosy cheeks, bronzed skin and blurred pores. A quality full-coverage foundation, liquid blush and concealer will mask imperfections and give off lots of glow.

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